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Joe Loesch is well-known in the voice-over, audiobook and animation biz as a talent, coach, and creator of the Voice-Over Booth Camp training program.

As a voice talent he's been the voice of many cartoon characters for the Disney Channel, PBS Kids and more, and currently produces audiobooks for Dave Ramsey. 

He also produces and narrates audiobooks for Harper Collins, Zondervan Publishing, Oasis Audio and Mission Audio.

He has voiced countless commercials for national brands and regional and local advertisers.

Joe received a Grammy nomination and Platinum Album for Garth Brooks' "No Fences" album.

Based in Nashville, where he teaches voice-over, Joe is also creator and coach at the regional Voice-Over Booth Camp workshops and Voice-Over Booth Camp Online sessions, sponsored by VoiceOverXtra

And he creates the popular MO-JOE Friday videos with helpful tips on all aspects of a successful voice-over career, published on the first and third Fridays of every month on

Those voices in your head could become wonderful foundations for characters in audiobook narration and animation. But they're gonna need pampering.

In this VoiceOverXtra webinar - a special edition of Voice-Over Booth Camp Online - award-winning voice-over talent, VO Booth Camp coach and spoken word producer Joe Loesch  shares with you the techniques he used when voicing cartoons for the Disney Channel, PBS Kids, and Dave Ramsey's Juniors Adventures series.

You'll learn plenty about developing characters - and discover voices you didn't know you had!

  • Those voices in your head: how to bring out and discover hidden ones in your vocal range
  • Acting vs. reading
  • A Melodrama Warm-Up: unusual scripts to loosen your funny bone
  • If your character fits, wear it: how to find killer voices
  • How to create storylines for your characters
  • Bad impressions actually create new characters
  • Looping: how to sync voices to existing animation
  • Plus necessary tools for the voice actor, including stamina, breath control, articulation, interpretation, characterization and consistency
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