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Meet Your Acclaimed Trainer     
In more than 20 years as a professional voice actor, J. Michael Collins has worked with many of the worlds largest companies, brands, sports leagues and organizations.  
He works in both the classic agency-based VO world and online casting marketplace, where he has become a leading authority. 
He is also recognized as an industry-leading voice-over coach and award-winning demo producer, and is known for having mentored some of the industry's fastest rising stars.
J. Michael  is a 16-time Voice Arts Award winner as voice actor, demo producer, script writer and casting director.   
He helps VO students by teaching them how to build their businesses beyond expectations
And his voice-over students have booked countless voice-over jobs by applying his techniques. 

You know the commercial voice-over world is changing.

But how to change with it - today and tomorrow - to please your clients ... attract agents ... maximize your revenue ... stand out from the crowd with auditions?

Whether you're a seasoned Commercial VO pro - or want to be - the vision you'll see and tips you'll learn in this webinar recording (with info-packed slides) can boost your voice-over income today - and build a foundation for it in months and years to come.
Your trainer, J. Michael Collins, has voiced thousands of commercials at national, regional and local levels across numerous commercial genres over his 20+ year career. He currently voices as many as 50 spots per week for new and regular clients alike.
In this info-packed webinar, J. Michael teaches you about ...
  • The evolution of Commercial VO, and what the landscape looks like today and into the future.
  • Why rates have dropped for national and some regional work ... and how to adapt your strategic approach to maximize your revenue without compromising your standards.
  • Why Commercial VO isn't going away anytime soon ... and how you can take advantage of new media opportunities to boost your commercial client list.
  • Where to find Commercial VO work.
  • How casting trends are changing.
  • The VO reads that book ... and those that don't.
  • When to ad lib ... and when not to.
  • How to stand out from the crowd with your auditions.
  • How to attract agents for Commercial VO representation.
  • What a GREAT Commercial VO demo looks like in today's landscape.
  • How to thrive in volume-heavy genres of Commercial VO that you might not have thought of. 
All for Only $59
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