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Larry Hudson
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Larry Hudson
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Meet Larry ...
Larry Hudson is
a full-time voice over artist in Los Angeles who has been active in the voice over industry since 2009.

He is also a voice over trainer and host of the popular online VO Heaven workout.

Prior to voice over, he was a professional musician for 25 years and then launched a 20+ year career in commercial real estate.

In his first 2-1/2 years in voice over, he accomplished what most said would take 5 to 7 years - to become a full-time voice actor. Larry attributes this to his passion, business acumen and willingness to learn.

Larry's voice over clients include Disney, Toyota, Google, Tropicana, Quaker Oaks, Kubota Tractor Corp. and many more. 

Ready to personally move forward in this ever-changing voice over industry?
But ... not sure what the next step is to book consistent work? ... Trying to figure out the online casting thing? ... To have a VO coach or not? ... To "Agent" or not to Agent -that is the question."

It can be overwhelming trying to sort it all out!
Well, this is your opportunity to hear it exactly as it is - FACT not FANTASY on the multitude of topics that cover what it takes to FAST TRACK your VO Career.
Whether you're looking for new ideas, just trying to launch or get unstuck - this VoiceOverXtra webinar recording will give you the information, motivation and knowledge to MOVE FORWARD.
Your teacher Larry Hudson is proof that anything is possible. He went from zero to a full-time living as a voice actor in just 2 years.

Now after 7 years in the industry he understands and has navigated the "VO waters" and shares with you the path he has taken to success.
Larry clearly and concisely unravels the mysteries that are confusing you and keeping you from moving forward in your VO career.
  "My point is to give people the straight story," says Larry.  "You'll learn the no nonsense, un-candy-coated truth of what it will take,
and what to do to make a living as a full-time voice actor." 
  • First priorities
  • What defines a great VO coach
  • Technical skills required in 2017
  • How to unravel VO home studio confusion
  • Where to find paying work
  • How to succeed in online casting
  • How to find and work with agents
  • Resources to move your career forward
  • And much more!

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