Two Essential

Voice Over
Home Studio
with Home Studio Master 
Dan Lenard 

1) Constructing or Enhancing Your Studio 
Instant Download Recording  
Learn how to economically and simply build  
and equip or enhance your VO Home Studio
2) Audacity Basics - Recording & Editing    
Wednesday, April 12, 2017
Learn how to record and edit professionally  
on the FREE Audacity software 

Tuition: $49 for each webinar or ... 
Home Studio
Teacher & Consultant ...

Dan Lenard is the Home Studio Master, one of the world's leading consultants on voice over home studio audio.

Also a veteran voice talent and educator, he helps clients with home studio set-up and problem-solving via Skype, phone and email.

He presents highly acclaimed home studio webinars for VoiceOverXtra and in-person workshops on a variety of home studio topics.

And Dan is co-host of the popular Monday night Voice Over Body Shop (VO-BS) webcast.

What They Say About Dan Lenard's Webinars ... 


"They say the definition of an expert is someone who can make complicated things seem simple. I have a new definition: Dan Lenard. Thanks so much for your insight and patience."

- Doug de Nance


"A most informative set of webinars.  

I learned A LOT."

- Dan Deslaurier


"Great webinar! I had been looking for some instructions on how to better use this software for my VO recordings."

- Mal Cameron


"Damn! This is good stuff! I got my money's worth."

- Britt Helms Sr.


"The webinar with Dan Lenard was very informative and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was extremely helpful to me." 

- Joe Bartholomew


Learn From Both Webinars 


Here's what you will learn in these new VoiceOverXtra webinars ...
Constructing / Enhancing  
Your Home Voice Over Studio
Instant Download Recording 

If you want to be in voice over now, you MUST have a home voice over studio. Perhaps you already do. What is the equipment that will help you record effectively, at home ... or that will improve on what you own? 
Dan Lenard, The Home Studio Master, a 15-year veteran of creating home voice over studios with hundreds of voice talent around the world - and a master of visually stimulating and informative webinars - shows you what it takes to start from scratch ... or how to make what you've already got, even better
Dan steps right into your computer screen and shows you specifically what will make your home set-up sound like you're recording in a multi-million dollar facility. 
  • How to choose the right space in your home, focusing on acoustics
  • Choosing the right microphone, or upgrading ... and do you even have to upgrade?
  • Upgrading to newer digital interfaces 
  • Software updates and upgrades
  • Technology
  • And much more
Audacity Basics  
Recording & Editing Voice Over
April 12, 2017, starting at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT

You've got lots of choices in software for recording and editing your voice over files. Yet some stretch the outer limits of what you could possibly use it for ... and they can cost a bundle!

The best way to get your feet wet recording any voice over genre is with the simple (yet powerful) platform we know as AUDACITY. And what makes it even better is that Audacity is FREE! Just download it. 
In this webinar, Dan Lenard, the Home Studio Master,  literally steps into the software to "walk" you through recording like a pro with Audacity. You've got to see this unique visual presentation!  
  • Audacity set-up and configuration 
  • The Project Window 
  • The Menu Bar 
  • The Toolbars 
  • The Tracks 
  • Recording and Editing
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Editing Tips
  • Effects and more
Plus, Dan will explain how digital recording actually works! Once you understand that, the rest seems much less intimidating.

And Dan will answer any and all questions in his legendary Q&A session style after the presentation.

Includes video recording of entire webinar! 

  • You will receive an email with access info
  • Just sign in by computer and/or phone
  • Listen and follow the training on your computer screen
  • Receive a VIDEO recording of entire webinar  
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