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Non-Fiction Audiobook 
Nitty Gritty
& Coaching 
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narrator & coach
Sean Pratt 

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Meet Your Acclaimed Trainer     
Sean Pratt has been a working professional actor in theater, film, TV, voice-over and audiobook narration for over 30 years.
Since 1996, he has
recorded more than 1,000 audiobooks for major publishers in almost every genre.  
He is an 8-time winner of AudioFile 
Magazine's Earphones Award, is a 5-time nominee for the prestigious
Audie Award from the Audio Publishers Association, and a nominee for a Voice Arts Award from the Society for Voice Arts & Sciences. 
Typically completing a book (or more) per week, he also coaches performers via Skype on audiobook non-fiction narration technique, and is a frequent trainer on VoiceOverXtra webinars.
Sean is also the author of To Be or Wanna Be - The Top Ten Differences between a Successful Actor and a Starving Artist.  
What They Say About Sean ...
"Sean Pratt is the real deal. His no-nonsense approach - and specifically his techniques to tackling non-fiction - connected with me in a very positive fashion." - Jonah Cummings
"Through his tutelage I was able to significantly reduce the number of technical errors in my reads, and to greatly improve both the accuracy and pace of my narration, as well." - Basil Sands 
"Under Sean's skillful guidance and encouragement, I have just recorded my sixth audiobook and am on my way to making audiobook narration a rewarding career." - Dana Hickox
"Working with Sean Pratt has taken me, not only to the next level, but to levels beyond." - Michele Carpenter
"Thanks to Sean, I have earned enough money narrating audiobooks to have qualified for health insurance through SAG/AFTRA." - Tim Pabon
Are you ready? It's time to learn the non-fiction audiobook narration "Nitty Gritty" from masterful audiobook narrator and coach Sean Pratt.  

In this exciting 3-1/2 hour VoiceOverXtra webinar recording, Sean works 1-on-1 with 10 non-fiction audiobook narrators using a variety of genres.

The participants are coached on the finer points of non-fiction narration techniques to improve their audiobook auditions and performances.

And we all learn from this! Here's a sampling of comments from the webinar chat log during the training ...
  • "Nice work, Jason! I can totally hear the differences. Very smooth, too."
  • "Wonderful teachings, Sean."
  • "Whoa! Nice job getting us there, Trenton. Not an easy task."
  • "Great job, Joseph. That was fun to hear you progress."
  • "Thank you, Sean, and all you fabulous narrators.
There's much more, as you'll learn from the recordings. Including ...
  • How to infuse your performance with real acting choices that convey the author's intent.
  • How to deconstruct the author's writing process.
  • Why and how tempo modulation is so important in non-fiction.
  • Why creating an entertaining performance in non-fiction is more challenging than you think!
  • What the "4 Voices of Non-Fiction" are - and how to use them.
3-1/2 HOURS .. PLUS   
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