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Meet Your Acclaimed Trainers    
J. Michael Collins is the most respected political commercial voice-over coach and demo producer in the business, and has voiced hundreds of political spots in his career for campaigns and issues - from the national level down to small local races.
Many of the political demos he has produced have been nominated for Voice Arts Awards, including the 2018 Outstanding Commercial Demo winner - a bi-lingual English/Spanish political demo for noted talent Rosi Amador.
In more than 20 years as a professional voice actor, J. Michael has worked with many of the worlds largest companies, brands, sports leagues and organizations.
Today he is recognized as a leading voice-over industry authority,
voice talent and coach.  
And he is a multi-time Voice Arts Award winner as voice actor, demo producer, script writer and casting director.  
J. Michael's voice-over students have booked thousands of voice-over jobs by applying his techniques.
As an experienced brand-building pioneer, certified life and business coach, success strategist and former talent agent turned manager, Celia Siegel has advanced the careers of top VO talent for more than two decades.
Celia and her team at Celia Siegel Management specialize in political advertising outreach and helping to condition and position the CSM roster of voice talent as a leading VO choice for national, state and local campaigns - up and down the ballot.
The political campaigns of many of today's high-profile candidates are trusting CSM voice talent with their messages.  
And with the 2020 election season moving into high gear, the booking momentum is increasing by the day. 
Political Voice Overs are in demand as never before - in television and radio ads, videos, and the expanding universe of non-traditional media and social media. The booking momentum is increasing by the day.
  • Will you let this income pass you by?
  • Are your Political VO skills likely to attract more clients?
J. Michael Collins and Celia Siegel - the VO industry's leading experts in Political Voice-Overs will help you launch or accelerate your Political VO career in this VoiceOverXtra webinar recording.

As a companion to J. Michael's earlier VoiceOverXtra webinar on marketing for Political VO, this webinar focuses on PERFORMANCE.

J. Michael and Celia detail today's Political VO landscape and common read styles ... and then 10 registrants perform under the direction of these two masters, receiving valuable feedback and direction.

We watch and learn from those performances and directions.
 In this one-of-a-kind webinar, you will learn:
  • How to voice the latest Political VO styles, including  
    • Conversational / Authentic
    • First Person
    • Passionate Positive
    • Passionate Angry
    • Snarky / Sarcastic
    • Playful Mocking
    • Positive Announcer
    • Negative Announcer
  • How to instantly improve your Political VO delivery, based on what you learn from directions given to performers in the webinar 
  • What it takes to get booked for Political VO
  • What top talent managers like CSM are looking for in Political VO talent
  • All you need to know about making Political VO Demos - and how to avoid traps that could cause you trouble.
  • How to start your Political VO career - or take it to the next levl.   
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