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Discover the inside strategies
that will make ACX,
the Audiobook Creation Exchange, work for YOU.


Karen Commins is an award-winning audiobook narrator, producer, publisher and leading curator of information about the audiobook industry.

You Receive Video & Audio Recordings, Slides & Resource Links
Have you wanted to narrate audiobooks but don't know how to get started?

Or have you created a profile
on Audible's marketplace site ACX.com - the Audiobook Creation Exchange - but not moved forward?

´╗┐Perhaps you've read horror stories about how bad projects, low pay, and even narrators who've been scammed.

Karen Commins was one of the beta testers for ACX 10 years ago, before Audible launched the site to the world. She has been using ACX ever since - as both a narrator and a rights holder - and has developed tremendous insider experience that she shares in this webinar FOR THE FIRST TIME.

With Karen as your tour guide in this info-packed webinar, you'll be able to navigate ACX to success.

You can learn it all here - just $59 to unravel the complexities of ACX.
  • Understand ACX payment systems.
  • Set up your ACX profile to your best advantage.
  • Use the ACX search engine to find titles of interest.
  • Spot scam listings.
  • Vet the title to ensure it's one worth doing - even BEFORE you audition.
  • Best practices about workload, from audition to payment.
  • Communicate effectively with the rights holder throughout the project.
  • Dive into contract clauses and protections.
  • And much more!

Karen is well-known among narrators as the Queen of Links. Organization is her superpower. You can be sure she'll deliver many resources to explore and expand your knowledge.

Plus, Karen answers questions in a lively Q&A.

You Receive Video and Audio Recordings, Slides & Resource Links
KAREN COMMINS is an award-winning audiobook narrator, producer, publisher and leading curator of information about the audiobook industry. Since 2002 she has recorded audiobooks solely from her home studio and been a member of the Audio Publishers Association. She is a five-time audiobook juror for the Voice Arts Awards competitions, and in addition to publishing articles about audiobooks on her own website, the ACX blog, VoiceOverXtra and additional websites, she has spoken about audiobook creation and marketing at the VO Atlanta conference, on ACX University, and numerous podcasts. After years of helping narrators on their journeys through her articles, videos, online advice and private consultations, in 2019 Karen launched NarratorsRoadmap.com - THE destination for narrators of all levels, including a knowledge base, videos and an incredible number of resource links.
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