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Winning Performance Techniques 
J. Michael Collins
& Thom Pinto
J. Michael Collins 
award-winning voice actor, coach 
and producer 
Thom Pinto
top voice actor,  
coach, TV narrator  
and promo talent 

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Meet Your Acclaimed Trainers    
J. Michael Collins is an accomplished Documentary and TV Narration voice in his own right, a leading coach in the genre, and the most recognized producer of TV Narration and Documentary demos in the industry.  
He has produced three Voice Arts Award-winning TV Narration- Documentary demos, with his clients winning the category in 2016, 2018, and 2019, along with a total of five nominations for TV Narration/Documentary reels. 
In more than 20 years as a professional voice actor, J. Michael has worked with many of the worlds largest companies, brands, sports leagues and organizations.
Today he is recognized as a leading voice-over authority,
voice talent and coach.  
J. Michael's voice-over students have booked thousands of voice-over jobs by applying his techniques.
Thom Pinto's busy career as a documentary and reality series narrator spans more than two decades.  
He's currently heard on Charles Manson for the History Channel, The Twilight Zone for CBS All Access, Americans Underground and Crazy Monsters for Smithsonian, and the acclaimed American Supernatural on the Weather Channel.
And since 2007, Thom has been a promo voice for the CBS News family: CBS This Morning, 48 Hours, and the CBS Evening News.  
He has been coaching working talent across the country, with his primary focus in the last decade being the world of "in-show" narration.
TV Narration and Documentary work is one of the voice over industry's highest profile and most glamorous niches. From high-end national work - for major networks like History, Discovery, HGTV and more, to cable shows and local series, there's room for everyone ... union and non-union alike.

And almost all voice types are welcome! You know the formats: in-show voice overs, Reality TV, Crime shows, Sports shows, Historical-Biographical, Nature narration and much more.

Find out where you fit in - and how to perform to win auditions and loyal clients!

And who better to teach you than two of this genre's leading voice talents and coaches - J. Michael Collins and Thom Pinto!
If you've been watching television over the past three decades, chances are you've heard Thom Pinto's voice (see more about Thom in the left-side panel). 
J. Michael Collins is an accomplished Documentary and TV Narration voice, a leading coach in the genre, and the industry's most recognized producer of TV Narration & Documentary demos (see more in left-side panel).    
In this VoiceOverXtra webinar recording, you receive exclusive detailed info, and 8 voice actors perform under the direction of J. Michael and Thom. We will watch and learn from all. 
Don't miss this chance to:
  • Learn the latest Documentary & TV Narration VO delivery styles.
  • Learn what it takes to get booked for major national programs and series.
  • Learn what top agents in LA and NY are looking for in narration talent.
  • Get feedback on your read, or hear other talent get feedback live.
  • Get your Documentary & TV Narration career rolling, or take it to the next level.

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