"Well worth it! I have worked with Tim in directed sessions. He is on target, on point, and knows his stuff!" - M.L. 
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For over four decades Tim Keenan has owned and operated Creative Media Recording, a full service professional media recording studio serving independent producers, corporations and  
ad agencies throughout Southern CA.    
Tim and his wife Linda manage the  two-studio audio facility in Orange County, CA..
The bulk of their work is non-broadcast, corporate production and post-production including marketing, training, e-Learning, and foreign language conversions. The company specializes in recording the spoken word.
In addition, Creative Media Recording services several key commercial accounts and agencies by producing radio spots and audio for TV spots.
Working alongside some of the best voices, writers and directors in the business has allowed Tim to draw from those experiences for each and every project he completes. The team's audio work for a variety of clients over the decades has been recognized with numerous industry awards.
Tim is also an experienced voice actor and regularly voices training programs, medical voice overs and a variety of commercial projects.  
Tim earned a B.A. in Radio, TV Film Communications from Cal State Long Beach and he has served on the boards of a variety of media and business related organizations over the years. He is currently on the executive board of the Cypress Chamber of Commerce in Cypress, CA.
Need a voice over income boost?

If you're not doing remote recording sessions with directors and clients, you are
missing out on income opportunities and an
enjoyable way to connect with others and perform
The DIRECTED SESSION is not only growing in demand and importance during the COVID era - but can actually make your job easier: Record as directed, and most likely, the professional engineer on the connection will then edit the recording for the client.    
Being able to record in a Directed Session will enhance your relationships with directors and clients - and improve your efficiency and productivity
In this VoiceOverXtra webinar recording, acclaimed spoken word producer / voice talent Tim Keenan explains all this with a focus on commercial projects and corporate non-broadcast work.   
You will learn what equipment is needed for your home studio and how to prepare for a Directed Session.  
Then a special guest voice over director Allison Moffett and Tim conduct mock Directed Sessions with seven PERFORMERS.
PS: If you're already performing in Directed Sessions, this webinar shows how to up your game
  • Why Directed Sessions are so important in the COVID and Post-COVID production world.
  • How to prepare for Directed Sessions. Do you need to do anything special?
  • The types of technology used to connect to professional studios.
  • What connection technology is best for Directed Sessions from your home studio to a pro studio.
  • The importance of a proper acoustic environment in your home studio.
  • What the flow of a Directed Session actually sounds like, as a special guest director conducts live sessions with performers.
  • The benefits and issues associated with Directed Sessions.
  • Why you should be ENCOURAGING your clients to use Directed Sessions.
  • And more!
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