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Top Voice Actor, Coach
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Learn plenty from Anne Ganguzza in this VoiceOverXtra webinar recording - a 2-1/2 hour insightful and interactive online workshop exploring the current trends in this rapidly growing genre.

Explainer videos are hot in today's marketplace. For companies looking to grow their business, these short-form videos are an effective way to engage customers. Typically animated, these videos usually come in under 2 minutes and can help illustrate complex ideas in simple, engaging, and meaningful ways.

An important component of this fast-growing market is your voice.

But your voice over needs to be compelling, connected and caught up with today’s trends. How will YOU stand out?

In this webinar you discover and practice the nuances behind today's Explainer video narration, helping you connect and engage with your audience.

Plus, we watch, listen and learn as Anne coaches voice talent in Explainer Video scripts. Follow along on the practice scripts as they receiving the coaching!


  • Is it Commercial, Corporate, eLearning or Explainer?
  • Different styles of Explainer videos
  • How to deconstruct and analyze Explainer copy
  • Acting between the lines
  • How much is too much? How to make the message memorable
  • How to keep your listener engaged with storylines
  • How to communicate a brand's story effectively.
  • How to get it right in the booth so you don't have to edit in post
  • How to keep your clients coming back

Plus, Anne answers questions in an info-packed Q&A session.
Video and Audio 
Recordings, Slides & Practice-Only Scripts
Just $59
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Anne Ganguzza is a full-time
voice talent and award-winning director and producer who works with students to develop their voice over and business skills - including VO demo training and production.  
She specializes in Conversational Commercial and narration styles, including Corporate, E-Learning, Medical, Telephony and On Hold. 
Located in Orange County, CA, Anne offers private coaching and mentoring services to students in person and via Skype, ipDTL or Zoom. 
She brings more than 20 years of experience in corporate and educational training to this webinar, and has been successfully mentoring and coaching voice over students for over 10 years. 
A partial listing of Anne's VO credits include Delta, Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, Acura, PayPal, Wells Fargo, Michelin, Credit Suisse, Cisco, Toyota, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Telecore, Synchronix, and Xerox.
Anne's networking group, the VO Peeps, offers meetups and workouts with incredible opportunities for feedback and growth; while her VO BOSS podcast can be heard weekly around the globe, and highlights prescient industry topics with a fresh take on what’s happening in voice over.
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