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How To Get Connected With Clients & Build Steady Income 
with award-winning instructional designer and voice talent 
John Kissinger 

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Meet Your Acclaimed Trainer     
John Kissinger -  self-described as "Professional. Smart. Mouth" - has spent more than 20 years engaging, entertaining, and educating audiences from more than 70 countries - and that's not counting his voice-over work!  
Learning strategist by day and voice actor by night, John is an American Business Award-winning instructional designer, a certified Master Trainer through the Associate for Talent Development, and a former Adjunct Professor of Global Learning at Wayne State University in Detroit.
A popular speaker and trainer at voice-over conferences, he 
is an outspoken evangelist for all things audio to the eLearning community and all things eLearning to the voice-over community.
How often do you have the opportunity to ask your eLearning voice-over prospect this:  
"How do I become the KEY go-to voice talent on your team?"

Thought so. Well, the inside scoop on that - and much more - is coming your way in this VoiceOverXtra webinar recording.    
John Kissinger is an award-winning instructional (eLearning program) designer and voice talent who will reveal how eLearning developers choose voice talent ... how to get on their radar ... how to become a key go-to eLearning voice ... and much more.
John designed this webinar for "both new and experienced narrators and voice actors who are looking to break into the huge global and growing eLearning market - and generate steady income and a steadfast client base." 

  • What eLearning is and isn't
  • The instructional design process and how you fit in
  • Why eLearning is such a hot commodity in corporate America (and still growing!)
  • Who buys eLearning and who pays you
  • How and when to get on their radar
  • The real competition for eLearning VO (Hint: it's not other voice actors)
  • Where designers find VO talent and how they choose them
  • How to carve out your eLearning niche
  • eLearning marketing methods - what works and what doesn't
  • How to join the eLearning development community
  • What makes eLearning clients come back for more
  • Top trends and terms from the eLearning industry
Learn from John Kissinger    
in this career changing recording!
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Just $59
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