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George Whittam
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1.   Recording & Editing Audiobooks:
      Reducing the Time Ratio 
Instant Download Video Recording & Slides: $60    
2.   Mastering Audiobook Recordings:
      Step-by-Step Methods    
Instant Download Video Recording & Slides: $60   
Combo Purchase: $110, including slides.

For more than a decade, George Whittam - one of the world's leading experts in voice-over audio technology - has been helping voice actors and VO recording studios sound their best.  
Last year, he founded to assist people who record voice-over with tech support, training, studio design and audio processing templates.
A 1997 graduate of Virginia Tech with a Bachelor's degree in Music and Audio Technology - and a minor in Communications - he worked with many musicians and recording artists, and gained broadcast engineering experience before focusing solely on clients in the voice-over industry.  
Based in the L.A. area, his many voice-over studio clients include the late Don LaFontaine, Bill Ratner, Melissa Disney, Randy Thomas, Joe Cipriano, Scott Rummell, and many more.  
He is also co-founder and designer of the SAG Foundation's Don LaFontaine Voice-Over Lab in Los Angeles.
And on Monday night's, we find George in studio as co-host of the popular 'Voice Over Body Shop' webcast covering all aspects of voice-over - especially home audio studio technology.
"George is one of the best guys I've ever found in Hollywood - up on all the jim cracks and hi-tech gizmos that make my studio run like a Ferrari. He's served me and my voice-over studio so well, I feel I should give him 10% of everything I earn (forget it, George, just kidding)."  
- Bill Ratner
"George streamlined my studio to where I've had zero problems ... and it's so simple now that even a chimpanzee could use it, and that works for me. George really saved my life."
- Vanessa Marshall
"Sometimes you really need a team, and George is definitely an important part of mine." - Mary McKitrick
"I've had several compliments from mixers stating how incredible my set-up sounds compared to the other sessions they have throughout the day and night. I tell them it's all because of George Whittam."  
- Jim Tasker
"Thank you, thank you, thank you for your unwavering support, your incredible expertise, and your steadfast guidance in helping me improve my audio quality and home studio."  
- Anne Ganguzza
Are you spending more time than necessary in production as you narrate audiobooks in your voice-over home studio?

Are your production skills competitive with narrators who consistently book with publishers and authors who want and appreciate the top-notch audio quality and services that those narrators provide?

In these two VoiceOverXtra webinar recordings, VO audio expert George Whittam demonstrates how to reduce your production time and increase your hourly earnings on "finished hour rate" projects - such as those available through ACX (the Audiobook Creation Exchange) and many other audiobook publishers.
You can also take your production work and income to the next level by learning audiobook mastering techniques.  
Whether you've narrated scores of audiobooks - or are just starting out or exploring the ever-expanding audiobook business - these recordings are invaluable aids to moving ahead right now
Here's what George demonstrates for you ...
Instant Download Video & Slides  
Two hours, $60
Viewers say ...
  • "George is a master of practical information and delivery, in addition to being a master of voice over recording, processing, etc. Thanks so much for another great webinar." - PD
  • "Terrific session!" - JS
  • "Chocked full of pertinent and useful information. A class act." - TL
  • "Excellent. Thanks so much." - CE
You will learn ... 
  • The ACX specs: What they mean, how to achieve them
  • Your gear: Computer choice, mic options, preferred DAW's (recording/editing software
  • Your recording environment: Finding the best space
  • Your setup: from ergonomics to mic position
  • Recording: How to think like an editor
  • Punch-in recording: The how's and why's (and why not's)
  • De-clicking: Eliminating mouth noise
  • Editing: How to think like a listener
  • Proofing: Don't DIY! How to work with a proofer 
Instant Download Video & Slides  
Two hours, $60
Audiobook mastering takes raw audio recorded in your studio and applies a range of audio processing effects to create a finished-sounding product.  
These effects can include normalization, compression, limiting, EQ, de-essing, downward expansion and more. 
Perhaps you are already mastering to some degree - and want to learn more. George demonstrates and explains:
  • Mastering: Don't over-think it!
  • Step-by-step methods for mastering using a variety of DAWs, including TwistedWave, Audacity, Audition and Reaper
  • Efficient workflows
  • Delivering your files
$110, including slides   
"Audiobook production doesn't have to be scary," George says.  
"With the right tricks of the trade in your toolbox, you will be able to create audiobook recordings that are 'just right' for your clients."
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