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Sacrificing to Protect the Preborn
Support Personhood by Buying an Assault Rifle?
My Guns/Ammo for Sale
Sacrificing to Protect the Preborn

What do you do when you have a Personhood mailing to 20,000 pro-life Ohioans that costs $5,500 and only have $2,900 in your Personhood account? 

You find something to sell.

I'm selling some of my favorite things - some powerful rifles and ammo. I'm a firm believer that the Second Amendment protects the future of freedom, but not as much as justice for the preborn. See, if God's against you, your guns won't help you at all. The shedding of innocent blood will bring God's wrath on the land - and then you can wave freedom goodbye. So protecting Ohio's children is more important than securing your right to keep and bear arms.

What do you have that you can sell to support Personhood Ohio? An old diamond necklace you never wear? Some baseball cards you never see? An antique you never use? A boat you never take out? 

I told my wife just recently, "We get rewarded based on how much we sacrifice." 

Do you think that the God who demanded animal sacrifice from worshipers, that insisted Abraham sacrifice his son, and willed the apostles to sacrifice their lives, now requires no sacrifice from us? Sacrifice brings His blessing, His anointing. It's worth it! 

We invite you to sacrifice something with us. Find something of value to sell, sell it on Ebay or somewhere, and donate the proceeds to Personhood Ohio. Let's show God that we are serious about protecting these children by love and by law.


You will find the photo album of my guns and ammo for sale under:

 To make a bid on something, Email me.

- Patrick Johnston, [email protected]  

Don't forget our $5,000 drawing the weekend after July 4th! Every $25 gift or 25 signatures you send us gets you a chance to win. 
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Support Personhood by Buying an Assault Rifle?


Not only that, but some high capacity magazines and a ton of ammo too. No, I'm not kidding. And when you pick up your purchase, I'll give you a lesson on how to use it safely!

Personhood Ohio needs money for a huge mailing we are doing right now. Help us by giving a generous bid on some guns and ammo I have for sale. 

With the threat of gun control looming, this is a great deal.

To learn more, click:
Donate to Personhood Ohio
Planned Parenthood and abortion advocates spend millions trying to kill children. What will we sacrifice to protect them?


My Guns/Ammo for Sale


Mak 90 semi-automatic, with 30 round clip and 100 round drum, 7.62 X 39 round

MAK 90 with 100 round drum and 30 round clip

Chinese SKS with fiberglass stock, bipod, muzzle break, and 5 high capacity magazines (7.62 X 39 caliber)

Chinese SKS with wooden stock

Remington 280 rifle with scope

Three boxes of 850 rounds of ammo in each - 7.62 X 39 caliber - great round!

Winchester 243 rifle with scope

You will find the guns/ammo listed at 

Or just click 

Email me to make bid. [email protected]