Buy a Set of Flexiflips

Flexiflips, a European

knitting innovation

++ The set of 3 comes in a plastic tube and easily slips into knitting bag.

++ You will always have 2 straight needles for a scarf or swatch.

++ You will always have a bendy cable needle.

++ You will always have the circular option for small to medium circumferences.

Choose from Rocket Squared tips (longer length)

 or Turbo (shorter length) tips.

Flexiflips are a clever riff on double pointed needles,

magic loop knitting, and circular knitting.

All Flexiflips have that bendy center cable.

It's the secret sauce in this needle recipe!

FlexiFlips by AddiTurbo


Here’s a really clever knitting needle first introduced in Europe a few years ago.

I used Flexiflips for the sleeves and cuffs of the Felix Cardigan that I knit. Flexiflips allowed me to turn the work like pages in a book — flipping back and forth — instead of getting tangled up in a spiral of sleeve and yarn ball and needles.

Use Flexiflips to decrease the crowns of hats. When stitches get tight on a circular, you switch to Flexiflips.

These needles come in handy for cables. With the cable that bends in the center, one Flexiflip steps in as a cable needle.

Flexiflips give you the convenience of magic loop knitting. You work on two sides of a tube and rounds seem to go faster.

Give them a try.

Happy knitting,

Wanda Eichler

Graywood Designs