Ugandan Mist... Coffee with a Purpose

Buyamba has the great pleasure to partner with leaders of organizations and businesses such as Lake Victoria Coffee & Tea. Founder Eddie Huff has selected Buyamba as one of his three organizations to "give back" to.

In the summer of 1982, Lake Victoria Coffee & Tea founder Eddie Huff, then a missionary with Youth With A Mission (YWAM), met  a bishop from the Church of Uganda who was visiting Holland. Eddie was moved by the story of how thousands of children in Uganda had been left orphans under the brutal and murderous dictatorship of Idi Amin. The nation had been devastated and was in dire need of help from the outside.

In 2006, Eddie received a request to host Pastor Bethuel Dongo in his home through Buyamba. Eddie asked Pastor Dongo to bring 20 lbs of  raw, green, Ugandan coffee with him and Dongo did so. Upon getting the coffee roasted in Tulsa, OK, and giving samples to friends, it was agreed by all that this was some of the finest coffee any of them had tasted and that Eddie should get more. Lake Victoria Coffee & Tea Company is a fulfillment of that vision and request.

Their goal is to support Uganda in two ways. 1) Supporting the economy by buying the coffee from the farmers and employing those who will prepare it for shipping to the U.S. at our partner plant in Uganda. 2) Sending proceeds from the sale of the coffee and tea back to the schools and orphanages like God Cares School.

This is yet another great example of creative giving! Eddie is now selling his coffee at 

His Mighty Hand

What does a bright future look like? It looks like me! I still wonder sometimes how I got here. There I was, a child who was dumped by his dad and living in poverty with a mother who struggled every day to provide. She soon passed away and what little hope I had, died with her. But God stretched out His mighty hand through Buyamba and here I am, a student at God Cares School! So now I can dare to dream again because I have a future and a hope!

~ Frank K. 

A few of our Buyamba volunteers have been calling sponsors who have a child who did not return recently from school break in Uganda and are now ineligible for sponsorship. As you know, life in Uganda for our students looks quite different than life of a student in the US. Many children at God Cares School are orphans, and others may have only one parent or have to live with a friend or relative who is their guardian. Because life is difficult, many families move to try and find a better life in another village.
There are three educational breaks in the school year and the boarding children, by law, have to leave the school and return home to their village. Sometimes some of the children do not return once break is over. This can be due to a variety of reasons... an older child may start working to help his family, the family has moved, or there may have been a death in the family....the reasons are endless and often, heart wrenching. 
Please know if your child has become ineligible for sponsorship for whatever reason we are terribly sorry... it is our hope that each child would graduate from high school, but that is not always the reality in Africa. We want you to know you have made a tremendous difference in the life of the child you have sponsored. You have shown unconditional love by caring for his/her residential or educational needs, and we are confident your love and kindness was well received.
These are the hardest phone calls for our Buyamba volunteers to make and we understand that it is hard to just "switch" kids, but because the need is so great with so many children, we will ask if you would consider sponsoring another child. Some kids are with us just for a season, but many do graduate from God Cares High School and continue on to a university or trade school. 
Sponsor A Child


Hanifah is 10 years old, and he comes from a needy family who cannot afford his school fees. Hanifah is in need of two sponsors, one to cover his education fees and the other, his boarding costs at God Cares School since he lives at the school.

Your gift of $35 a month for either one of these sponsorships will make a profound difference in the life of this child.   


One of our long time partners, The Met Church in Fort Worth, TX,, is holding their 5th annual Fun Run to raise funds for God Cares Schools.

For all you runners out there, sign up today and run for a purpose!

Our Vision
Our vision is to empower the orphaned and needy children of Uganda to impact their nation for Christ.

Prayer Points
- It's short term mission trip season in Uganda, please pray for the teams to be lights in Uganda to the children and community sourrounding God Cares.

- Join us in praying for all sponsors and donors who continue to give even when they're going through financial difficulties.

- Pray for Glory Dongo and his wife Katherine. They are expecting their first child in the coming days!
Assembly Hall

Praise God the roof has been completed and building of the Assembly Hall continues!

We're now working on plastering, flooring, and painting. Teams visiting Uganda this summer will be involved in this project.

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