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March 2017     
I was blessed to be born to my mum Lillian, and my father, the late Pius, may he rest in peace. I have three younger siblings, Joshua, Christine and the youngest, Joel.


My dad was buried on Christmas morning. From that day on, my mum has never been in good shape.

It was an early morning during Christmas 2014, when my dad woke up, showered and dressed for work. On his way down to get his motorcycle, he started saying that his heart was "swinging." That's how he described it. Suddenly he had to lie down, crying and telling mum to take my sister and brothers outside. He had no energy to get up. I brought him a bottle of soda, but after taking one sip, he cried out, "I'm going to die!" When I heard that, I rushed to get a special hire to carry him to the hospital. My mum, two of our neighbors and a driver rushed him to Rubaga Hospital. Shortly after, he died.   
My dad was buried on Christmas morning. From that day on, my mum has never been in good shape. She even left my brother Joshua in the village she came from because she had no money and no job. It was just too much to take care of all four of us. My mum wants us to go to school but she isn't in a position to see us through.

In 2015 I received a sponsor and I was able to join school. I now have two sponsors covering my school fees and boarding fees. I'm in S5 with the hopes of one day attending University. 

Penny Wars at Ventura County Christian School

Buyamba partners with several schools to educate and empower U.S. students on how to make a difference in the lives of Ugandan students at God Cares schools. We call this our "Kid to Kid" program and it's up to the school to be creative in getting kids involved to raise funds.

Ventura County Christian School implemented a school wide "Penny War" where the students were given one month to bring in any type of change or paper bill. Pennies were positive points and everything else was negative. This model inspired students to put anything but a penny in another team's jar, causing them to lose points!

The Penny Wars raised over $340 in one month, with additional fundraising the school raised a total of $635 to go towards new school books at God Cares Schools.

Thank you Ventura County Christian School!  

The Bethuel Dongo Assembly Hall - March 2017

Progress on The Bethuel Dongo Assembly Hall continues through the summer with the hopes of it being completely finished by the end of 2017.

As a reminder, this hall is going to serve students by offering a place for testing, chapel, and school assemblies. The hall will also serve the community by opening it's doors for church on Sundays and being available for other community events.

Sponsor A Child


Victor comes from a need family and is looking for a second sponsor to support his boarding fees.

Victor is 16 years old, has four brothers and two sisters and he enjoys math.

Sponsorship is more than just giving $35 a month ... it's coming alongside a child through the most important time of their life, giving them a chance at an education that will change their life.  


In case you missed our March newsletter, you will want to read and share it with your friends.

Buyamba, thanks to our many sponsors and donors, continues to make a difference in the lives of the needy children in Uganda.

Travel to Uganda

The Calvary Community Church Team has a few open spots for their upcoming trip to Uganda, this summer.

Dates: June 15 - 25, 2017

If you're interested, please submit your application through this page:
Prayer Points
- Uganda is facing a severe drought. Please pray for rain!

- Pray for the staff of God Cares Schools as they disciple the students.

- Pray that God would stir people's hearts to sponsor a child for the first time, or to sponsor an additional child as we have 138 children who are waiting for a sponsor.
Drought in Uganda

Uganda is experiencing a major drought and as a result, food costs have increased.

Your gift of any amount can go towards helping us make the food costs in the coming months.

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