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February 2017     
His Mighty Hand
What does a bright future look like? It looks like me! I still wonder sometimes how I got here. There I was, a child who was dumped by his dad and living in poverty with a mother who struggled every day to provide. She soon passed away and what little hope I had, died with her. But God stretched out His mighty hand through Buyamba and here I am, a student at God Cares School! So now I can dare to dream again because I have a future and a hope!

This month's creative giving highlight is just in time for Valentine's Day! A new supporter of Buyamba has reached out to us, eager to give 100% of her proceeds from sales of her LuLaRoe's valentine's leggings .

What a great example for small businesses to follow - that's creative giving! 

Buyamba takes great joy in seeing sponsors communicate with their child through letters online, handwritten letters and even visiting them in person. In the same fashion, the students at God Cares communicate through hand written letters and face to face visits if the sponsor is in Uganda. There are processes in place to ensure the flow of all communications between sponsor and child.

Communication should never take place via social media platforms or texting applications such as WhatsApp and Viber. Please help us in ensuring this does not take place. It causes additional work on both sides of the ministry when students give false information. There have been many instances over the years when a sponsored child communicates with his or her sponsor and gives an inaccurate picture of their situation at school thus causing confusion, which in turn demands time on the part of the administration to clear up the confusion.

When a child communicates to a sponsor outside of the processes in place, they are actually breaking school rules. Again, we are asking you to help us by communicating only through the systems in place.

There are reasons this system is set up the way it is. For one, the letters are all processed through our trained social workers at the school, ensuring the safety of our children. Second, communication outside of these methods leaves room for misunderstandings and ultimately, it is for the best interest of all involved.

Please come alongside us in this way. If your sponsored child attempts to contact you through Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp or any other medium outside of Buyamba, please first remind them that Buyamba does not allow students to use social media with their sponsors and to please write to you through the social worker and you will get letters accordingly. If it persists, please notify our offices and we will help get these communications back on track.  
Sponsor A Child


My father left and I live with my Grandma. She needs help supporting my educational needs at God Cares Primary School. Your sponsorship of $35 a month will cover my tuition and educational needs at school and make a difference in my life. 

Buyamba Dinner


You won't want to miss a chance to meet Florence
ngo and her son Glory.

African attire is encouraged! 

Prayer Points
- Our students started school yesterday! Please pray for a successful school term.

- Pray for the staff of God Cares Schools as they begin a new term.

- Pray for Florence as she continues to travel around the states.
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