Buyers' Million Dollar Round-Table Dinner


We're trying something new.

Lately I've been receiving calls from new buyers. That is, a business person looking to buy a company. Traditional retirement isn't how they see their future and buying and running a company is one of the options on their list. 

They may never have purchased or run a company before. Their previous experience includes senior management roles, running a department or even running the whole company. However they have not, in recent years, run an entrepreneurial venture on their own.

So they begin the long process of fact finding, networking and talking with lots of people about buying a business. The process can take years and be very frustrating. Particularly if you've tried buying a business from the owner. 

If this sounds like you or someone you know, take a look at our upcoming event.

Buyers' Million Dollar Round-Table Dinner*
  • Must have $1 Million+ liquid cash to buy a company.
  • Maximum 10 Buyer participants.
  • A profile of your business background, industry interests to purchase in and budget will be submitted prior to event.
  • Expert guests to move your fact finding forward by months or years.
  • Meet other Buyers going through similar experiences as you.
  • Dinners are held in a restaurant at a quiet private table. 
  • Location and date to be announced.
  • Event runs from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.
  • Cost is $250.00 (includes dinner).
Right now I just want to see if there is an interest. So if this sounds like something you think could help with your process then send me a quick email or call me at 416-270-2466.

On the other hand,  if you have a budget to purchase multiple companies, let's talk one on one over lunch or dinner.

  *NOTE this is not a solicitation for investors or buyers to consider a specific company.

Cheers, Eric

Eric Gilboord
WBDC logo Feb 26, 2013
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