Buying a Good Business, Can Be Like Finding
Needle in a Haystack


We've been getting a lot of calls recently from Buyers looking for good companies. If you've ever been on the buying side of the table, you know it can be incredibly frustrating. Inexperienced Sellers with companies that are not ready for sale, being represented by unqualified advisers or actually trying to conduct a sale by themselves. Unrealistic expectations of Sellers and often ridiculous time-frames are the norm.

It's not pretty, just pretty difficult for both sides.

For business Buyers  we can Identify, Assess, Facilitate a Purchase, Improve, Integrate and/or help to Manage a company for you. Growing by acquisition is a highly effective strategy. Buy competitors or make strategic acquisitions when owners are tired or ready to retire. If you're a Buyer, please click here.

On the other hand, Selling is a big step filled with questions, self-doubt and unreal pressure both self-imposed and from outside. Having someone on your side can be a huge relief.  If you are a Seller, please click here.

Cheers, Eric

Eric Gilboord


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*80% of boomer aged owners have no plan or the trusted advisers to help.

If you know a boomer aged business owner, and care about their future, please forward this post to them.

I am available for select speaking engagements with intimate audiences of a few or larger groups. (Including Lawyers, Accountants, Wealth Management Advisers, Insurance, Banks etc.)

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