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March 2016

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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico:  79°/26°

Do you have a favorite time to visit Vallarta?  As more and more people start to expand their date ranges for a visit to one of the most beautiful places in Mexico, summer becomes a value-packed option.  Check out the details below and you may end up booking a return visit sooner than you think!

For those of us lucky enough to live in Vallarta year-round, the summer season allows us more time to spend with our friends who visit than we do in the winter season when calendars are booked to bursting.  So let us know when you are planning a summer escape to see us.  The first Margarita is on us!

Another Semana Santa rests in the history books and the 2016 crowds this year were no exception to the lively, event-filled, Mexican tradition we enjoy from Palm Sunday (Domingo de Ramos) to Easter Sunday (Domingo de Pascua).  Check out some of the fun you can have next year below and check out availability in the Sidebar for Casita Vida one of the most sought after vacation rental properties right in the Col. Emiliano Zapata (Old Town). We are not biased at all.

We have shared the inside view on Yelapa and Sayulita in last issues, now join us in the Sidebar for a peak into Boca de Tomatlan.  Boca not only serves as the jump-off point to water taxi to beach towns along the south shore, but has plenty of reasons for you to spend a day in this pueblo that shares "best-kept-secret" status with other south shore gems.  

Lonely for a little Vallarta energy?  Click here and take a few minutes and transport yourself to the beach in front of Cuates y Cuetes on Playa Los Muertos with their 24/7 webcam.  You could be here!

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Primavera tree with Santa Cruz Church in the background...on L_zaro C_rdenas_ a few steps from Casita Vida
Primavera tree in the foreground, Santa Cruz Church in the background on Calle Lazaro Cardenas, a few steps from
Casita Vida (orange facade).
Photo credit:  Josef Kandoll W, Puerto Vallarta

Un abrazo,
Julie & Dean

Semana Santa - 2016

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Love it or hate it, one thing rings for certain, you need to experience Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Puerto Vallarta to know which opinion you share.

Starting with Palm Sunday ( Domingo de Ramos) and extending for another week past Easter Sunday ( Domingo de Pascua), these two weeks comprise Spring Break for Mexicans.  All beach destinations in the country prepare for a year-long-awaited much-deserved vacation from cities and inland towns as Mexicans descend on their closest paradise.

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Religious celebrations take center stage at Los Arcos on Good Friday.

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Whether you want to enjoy beach, surf, sun, hiking, sailing, restaurants, night life, yoga time or just nap time, Vallarta has it for you.  

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Consider Vallarta when you're looking for your Spring Break get-away next year or when you want one of the most beautiful destinations in the world for your family portrait.  She will not disappoint you.

When is the Best Time to Visit Vallarta?

"One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure."

Best, as in finest, first, perfect, matchless, greatest....tops!  Can there be such a thing as a "best time" to visit Vallarta? 

Our friends at the U.S. News & World Report who have a lot more resources than we do, put together an interesting diagram that charts temperature and precipitation for every month of the year, along with commentary on what to expect during each month.
to check it out.

In addition to the highlights in that article, here are a few of the things we think you may want to consider...

If you think the best time to visit Vallarta must include whale watching, then stick to January through March.

Photo Credit:  Josef Kandoll W, Puerto Vallarta

If you think the best time to visit Vallarta must include Vallarta Pride and the popular Vallarta Lifestyles Restaurant Week culinary festival, then that's May every year.

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If you think the best time to visit Vallarta must include experiencing the lush Rio Cuale or Rio Mismaloya when it's a fresh, cool, clean and refreshing retreat and you can take advantage of the most accessible air fares and accommodations, only July through September will offer those must-have's.

Photo Credit:  TripAdvisor

If you think the best time to visit Vallarta must include the Mexican traditional holidays of Day of the Dead (Dia de Los Muertos) or the Lady of Guadalupe Processions (Peregrinaciones) those happen only in November and December.

So to paraphrase the late-great-New Orleans chef, Paul Prudhomme, when asked which was the best wine with which to enjoy his cuisine.....when is the best time to visit Vallarta?  The time you like the best!

Deals of the Month
Vacation Rental 

Nestled in the heart of the Col. Emiliano Zapata (aka Zona Romantica or Old Town) sits one of the most sought-after vacation rental properties in La Zona.

Casita Vida enjoys an enviable location a mere 6 blocks from Playa Los Muertos in a private compound featuring a beautiful outdoor living space and large swimming pool.  The Casita comfortably sleeps 4 adults.

Located on Calle Lazaro Cardenas, two blocks from the Farmacia Guadalajara and one block from the Santa Cruz Church, there are no hills to hike or stairs to climb between you and your favorite locales.

Click here to view more photos and and check availability for your next Vallarta visit.

Lomas del Mar
Col. Emiliano Zapata (aka La Zona Romantica)
Calle Manuel M. Dieguez

Up the hill on one of streets in the Col. Emiliano Zapata (aka La Zona Romantica) named after a general in the Mexican Revolution, this amazing space will surprise you.  Completely remodeled with stunning top-quality finishes from the custom windows and screens, to the granite countertops and parota wood doors throughout, this condo property enjoys city views, ocean and the Sierra Madre Mountains from the large terrace off the living room.  This spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bath residence offers an open floor design ideal in a 6-unit building.  

If you want the combo of easy access to the excitement of La Zona Romantica with a relaxing residencial vibe, you want to see this space.

Contact us now to view these properties.  

In Every Issue

Other events around the Bay


Look here in each issue for direct links to other events happening around Banderas Bay.

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Boca de Tomatlan

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The south shore of Bahia de Banderas (Banderas Bay) glistens with gentle ocean surf and fishing villages that dot the shore. Each pueblito has its own personality, claim to fame, and charm.

This month, we share the natural beauty and strategic location of Boca de Tomatlan.

Photo Credit:

Located about 10 scenic miles south of Vallarta on Highway 200, Boca (which means "mouth" in Spanish, as in the river) claims the last spot along the coast before the highway heads up to the Sierra Madre mountains.  

Photo Credit:  

Bus service runs starting on the corner of Basillo Badillo & Constitucion in La Zona about 6:30 a.m. to Boca everyday at half-hour intervals, ending about 11:00 p.m. for about 7 pesos one way.

The bus stops up on the hill on Calle Pelicanos, the Boca main street, then returns to it's downtown Vallarta stop at the corner of Basilio Badillo and Constitucion.

This busy port pueblito buzzes with activity starting early.  By sunrise every morning, local fisherman return to the beach with the day's catch and are agreeable to offers made by anyone interested in fresh fish.

Photo Credit:

Boca's beach and river transform annually, and offer the calmest waters anywhere in Vallarta, making Boca's beach a favorite for swimming. The Horcones River reaches its maximum width during the summer tropical rains transforming the river from creek-like in the winter months to a rushing river in the summer. 

Photo Credit:  chrisfalardeau

The hiking trail from Boca to Las Animas beach remains a favorite for enjoying the flora and fauna of the jungle, mountains and beach.

Good signage greets you on a well-maintained single dirt and stone trail.  The 90-minute hike starts in Boca and winds through the village where you are moving through gardens, clothes lines, and glimpses into homes.   

Photo Credit:  chrisfalardeau

Hikers report that the trail turns a little steep at times and you have to be careful with the loose planks on the bridge and stones on the walkways. People return from the hike entranced with jungle sounds. As the trail winds through the lush areas, the sounds change as you get farther away from the ocean as you go deeper into the jungle and then return as you criss-cross the trail. 

Photo Credit:  Vallarta Botanical Gardens

If you're lucky, you may spot some of the birds that call the Boca cove home, including the 
Military Green Macaws , wild parrots, Booby Birds, Brown Pelicans, Magnificent Frigatebird, Terns, Herons, Egrets and more. 

Photo Credit:  chrisfalardeau

Plan to reward yourself with a few hours relaxing on Las Animas beach with some delicious ceviche and cold cervezas.

PhotoCredit:  chrisfalardeau

A water taxi back to Boca runs you about $70 pesos, where you then take the 45-minute drive back to what in comparison seems like the big city Vallarta hustle-and-bustle!

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