We are measured by our friends and by those who do not like us (let's refuse to call them enemies).  By any measure,  Masorti in Israel increasingly matters.

Recently an ultra-Orthodox publication (HaMishpacha), in an article by Rabbi Ben-Zion Nordman, lamented the enormous impact of our kehilla in Zichron Yaacov.   He wrote of the "alarming phenomenon" that families are sending their sons to our rabbi and our kehilla for bar mitzvah.  He also noted that on Yom Kippur, around the country, we are attracting "a growing crowd."   Rabbi Nordman clearly did not mean this as praise, but we should accept it as such!

On a much more positive note, a Yom Haatzmaut related article in The Times of Israel identified leading women around the country, including three who are active members of Masorti kehillot.  We are proud of them.  In a separate article about "movers and shakers" in Jerusalem, Rabbi Tamar Elad-Appelbaum got prominent mention for her work not only for Masorti but for interfaith dialogue. 

When you support Masorti, you make a difference, and not just for the cause of religious pluralism in Israel.   You are also assuring that our children and our grandchildren will see in Israel a society that reflects democratic values, freedom of religion, and a welcoming Judaism. 

Please give generously to expand the success of Masorti.   

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