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Dear Friend,  

As we prepare for the country's national birthday, By George is passing along our grab-bag of Canada Day trivia and tidbits to enrich your celebrations.


Through the years of publishing our By George Journal, we have featured many articles relating to Canada Day and being Canadian. This special holiday newsletter offers a menu of links to some of our more memorable posts on beavers, Canadian icons, quizzes, mottos and quotes.


To further celebrate this July 1st, on Thursday morning, we will be posting a unique Canada Day Quiz that will test the knowledge and memory of your guests and/or partying revelers. Visit By George Journal - your source of Canada Day fun!  


We trust this Canadiana material will add to you holiday.  Happy Canada Day - from the scribes at CG&A COMM! 


For Your Holiday Celebrations

Here's a menu of ten By George articles sure to add to your Canada Day celebrations


1.  Facts about Canada Day

Did you know that after the original declaration in 1867, there is no record of organized ceremonies until 1917 - the 50th anniversary of Confederation?


Canadian Icon

2. Happy Efisga Day, er, Canada Day!

Have you wondered where the name 'Canada' comes from? Can you believe that one of the other names considered for our country was Efisga?


3. Ten Fascinating Facts about Beavers

So, you might have know that the modern beaver is the second-largest rodent in the world. Did you know that it is not factual that male beavers bite off their own testicles if provoked?


4.  CANADIAN, eh!

Here is a list of inventions and happenings that Canadians can proudly boast about.      


RCMP Musical Ride

5.  Top-10 Canadian Icons listed the top 10 Canadian icons "that have been branded as our global symbols and that define our Canadian identity." We also took up this challenge...


6.  Canadian Mottos

Here are the top ten finalists' entries in the National Post's contest to define 'Canada' in six words or less. In just six words - define Canada!


Sidney Crosby

7. Hockey is the glue that binds our Nation


What do we have in Canada to unite us? What will provide that sense of nationalism that can pull us together and have us share moments in time - that can become our peoples' common memories and source of pride? Here's our argument - it's hockey...


Tim Hortons

8. So this is Canada, eh?


Interested to know what the world thinks of Canadians? Here's the country's portrait as painted by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. You may be surprised how others view us...


9. Quotes on Canada

Here are our favourite quotes on Canada and Canucks - so you might spice up your toasts on Canada Day!  (Like Tommy Douglas' quip that Canada is like an old cow...) Cheers!


Sir John A. Macdonald

10. Great Quotes of Sir John A. Macdonald

Here are poignant observations, humourous quips and wonderful quotes from the Father of Confederation. Nobody says it like Sir John A.... and here's more


The By George Journal

This Canadiana has been pulled from previously published materials in the By George Journal. Our on-line publication is a resource that you'll want to bookmark and return to on a regular basis. It's provocative and fun. Have you required a joke, anecdote or series of interesting facts to punctuate a presentation? or a special quote to frame an idea? or some tips on how to make your meetings more efficient? Or, perhaps, you often find yourself surfing for some mid-day motivation.  In these instances, think: By George and visit www.cgacommunications/bygeorge -- and you can also follow us on Twitter: @byGeorgeJournal

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