By Popular Demand

A Culture of Hope
(A Deeper Dive into Theory & Practice)

Live Webinar
Tuesday, June 30, 2020
2:00 PM ET
This Webinar Will Inspire and Empower
Charlie and Rick, by popular demand, will present Part II of
A Culture of Hope through Strength-Based Strategies
Workshop Webinar.
If you missed Part I, here is your chance to experience the power of Charlie and Rick's presentation. If you attended Part I, you will benefit from additional insight, principles and practices.
Don't Miss This Opportunity! **Partial Scholarships Available** Don't Miss this Opportunity!
Rick Miller
Founder & CEO of Kids at Hope/Clinical Director, ASU Center for the Advanced Study and Practice of Hope
Charlie Appelstein, MSW
Author of "No Such Thing as a Bad Kid"
Join Rick and Charlie

two of America's most sought after child, youth development and education experts

for this popular workshop on June 30th!

Exploring and Advancing Positive Strategies:

  • How to decode and reframe problem behavior
  • Creative self-management techniques for kids including one-line rapping
  • Inspiring strength-based communication strategies including solution-focused techniques
  • How to help cognitively-inflexible kids
  • The power of "seeing is believing" (i.e. non-contingent reinforcement)
  • More strategies to enhance self-esteem in kids at hope 
  • The resiliency of Hope
  • Mental Time Travel - the process of creating hope
  • Hope needs companionship - defining relationships - authority vs. legitimacy
  • The law of reciprocity
  • A culture of hope vs. a bureaucracy of systems
  • Materials included

Workshop Schedule (shown in Eastern Time)
2:00-2:30 A Culture of Hope vs. A Bureaucracy of Systems (R. Miller)
2:30-3:15 Advanced Strengths-Based Strategies Pt.I (C. Appelstein)
3:15-3:30 Brain and Butt Break
3:30-4:15 Advanced Strength-Based Strategies Pt.II (C.Appelstein)
4:15-4:40 Dissecting a Culture (R.Miller)
4:40-5:00 Q & A and Wrap Up
"Rick continues his commitment to investigating the elements of hope and further translating them into practical strategies that any caring adult can use to ensure every young person is offered the gift of hope." - Antwone Fisher
Understanding and Responding to Kids with Emotional and Behavioral Challenges Using a Positive, Strength-Based Approach

Revised and Updated Edition
Registration Fee only $49
*partial scholarships available

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