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By Two-to-One, Voters Say New Ethics Reform Legislation
Will NOT Reduce Corruption in State Government

Gov Calls 2016 Legislative Session "Probably the Most Successful
in Modern History"; 60% of New Yorkers Do Not Agree with Him; They Give Gov, Legislature Low Marks on Session Performance

Voters Currently Lean Toward Re-Electing Incumbent State Legislators

Clinton Continues Big Lead Over Trump; Schumer Still Has Huge Lead Over Long

Download press release and crosstabs below:

Press Release           Crosstabs

Contact Information

Siena pollster Steven Greenberg will be available at 9:45 am tomorrow, Thursday, June 30, on the third floor of the State Capitol to discuss the poll findings.

Greenberg can be reached at 518-469-9858 or to arrange for interviews in person or via phone (do not hit 'reply' to this email to reach Greenberg).