April 26, 2019    
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I'm in New Orleans, LA for a few days to attend an industry conference. The days are busy with presentations, speakers, breakout sessions, the latest in financial technology (I love this stuff!), and an overall focus on two key terms; fiduciary and best practices. It's my kind of conference for sure. 

By the time this email hits your inbox, I'll heading over to the French Quarter with a group of old and new friends to take in the sounds, sites, and tastes of this magnificent city. So far, the trip is a blast and the people here are so welcoming. What can I say except that I'm lovin' the birthplace of jazz? I'll be back in NY tomorrow.
One of the highlights for me was participating on a three person panel about branding, social media and content creation for financial advisors. If you know me, then you know I was in all my glory, lol. It was a lot of fun, but that wasn't why I was so appreciative of being asked to participate. The reason has to do more with how about 90 weeks ago I decided I'd create content every week and blast email it out every Friday.  

You've received enough emails from me to know I'm passionate about creating content. But really, I'm passionate about learning and becoming better at what I do, both professionally and personally - which are totally intertwined  for me and have been for many years. If you're new on my list, I didn't start creating content just 90 weeks ago; been doing that for years. But the weekly schedule was ambitious. Writer's block sucks. It's not that I can't think of something to write or shoot a video about, it's that I have too many things I want to create content about and learn about, all at the same time. I just have to slow my roll sometimes to get the words out. And when I'm done, I feel great for two reasons; I learned something new and I shared it with others. I don't always produce content about topics I already know; growth comes to me from researching new things while studying the history of markets, capitalism, economics, and behavior. I am resolute in my belief that the key to getting better at what I do - what anyone does - is accomplished by sitting down in front of my keyboard and monitor and work the keys like there's no tomorrow.

Creating content, be it in written or video form, is what keeps me attached to my industry, clients, and even myself sometimes. It is a joy, pure and simple. It clarifies lessons and corrects mistakes. It tells you exactly what I'm thinking, where I'm coming from, and where I want to take us. After all, we're all in this together and isn't that the basis for all professional-client relationships, being in this together? I hope I helped you become a better investor by showing you different ways to think about investing specifically and money in general. I also hope you get to know me a little better every week. Please reply me so I can get to know you better too!

Here are a few popular writings from the last few months. If you know someone who may be interested in receiving my content, please forward this with your kind introduction. I'd greatly appreciate it.

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