A Note from Scott and Marsha
August 12, 2021
Well, it's that time of year again, isn't it? Everyone is either buying school supplies and sending their kids off to school, sprucing up the homeschool spaces, or packing up and dropping them off to college. It's been a long year and a half, am I right?  

There aren't enough blooming, green things to make me joyful this week. After a long period of having our two guys at home with us during Covid and online classes, they are both heading off to their respective campus apartments. Jack will be in Boone. Spencer will be in Raleigh. And I will be home with Scott. Insert his eye roll here and my audible sigh.  

Life is funny when you are in a routine and everyone plugs along. It's when change happens that brings me to tears. I know. How is this possible for someone who is always on the move looking for change? I change things often at work, but I do not make a lot of changes in relationships. I like knowing what to anticipate.  

I didn't anticipate a lot of tears this time, but I think everything these days is messing with my emotions. I cried in the attic last week while pulling out Spencer's items from his apartment his sophomore year.  I cried Sunday morning off and on multiple times thinking of Jack being miles and miles away. Scott finally put it to words while on the back steps watching Edison and Truman play after Truman ate a bird today. Yes, that is for another story. 

Scott said, "I think there is something to be said when the last one moves out. Jack did a gap year and didn't move out after high school right away and now he is." This is just a delayed response to the inevitable.  They grow up.  

PSA: While you may be tending to your green things and you think green, living things are the hardest thing to nurture and understand, remind yourself of humans. Whether you are relating to children, parents, friends, or co-workers, we are all growing up. We grow up and we change and hopefully for the better.  

As it relates to plants, maybe you are me right now. I'm staring at my Ruby Ficus that once had eight leaves on it and now has three. And I wonder how did this happenWhat did I miss and when will he come back? The leaves. I'm talking about the leaves on the Ficus.  Sure, I am.  

Did you send anyone off this month? Or do you need some change in your life? We have it in spades coming your way with all things orange and green. And before you blink, it will be red and green. And then another spring ... summer ... fall and winter. Pause and repeat. But repeat with us always. Please don't change that. Our #fgsdurham hearts can't handle it.  
Saturday, September 4, 7PM-10PM
Jazz, wine, and pizza are the perfect trio for a romantic evening, so grab your special someone and mark your calendars for our next series of Music in the Garden!

Peter Lamb and The Wolves have been serenading America since 2008, when they debuted at President Obama’s Inaugural Ball. Since then, they’ve released 3 albums, been named Best Jazz Band in the Triangle twice, and won several awards – as well as our hearts! 

Presti Pizza will be here to serve up some delicious pizza! The Potting Shed will be open and serving drinks and Sunset Slush. Please note that our Garden Center will be closed during this event.

Ticket prices:
$20 for General Admission (ages 13+)
$10 for Child tickets (ages 3-12)
Children under 3 are free!

Hoya are in the spotlight this week for good reason! These bright-light loving beauties come in many different varieties, shapes and sizes. The Hoya Rope has curly foliage that will amaze you. The Krimson Queen's white and pink variegation are to die for. Many of the varieties will vine and climb, making them excellent habitants of hanging planters. Hoya like to dry out completely between watering, making them low maintenance and easy to care for. Add a Hoya to your collection today!
Self-watering pots take the guesswork out of how much you should water. While not all plants will benefit from a self-watering pot, particular varieties, like the African Violet, will be very happy!
Ginkgo Biloba is a living fossil! Gorgeous, leathery green leaves become a stunning yellow in the fall, then drop all at once to create a carpet of gold. They are hardy, drought tolerant when established, and have very few known pest or disease issues. If you were worried about the smelly seeds they can produce, those are only produced on female trees, and we only sell males!
For Friday's Sake!
Mark your calendars!

Friday, August 20, 2021
5-8 PM

Heather Sarona will be here providing Live Music!
Gussy's Food Truck will be here serving delicious Greek food!
We're looking forward to an awesome night!
Thursday, August 26, 6PM
In this beginner’s orchid class, we’ll review the water, light and fertilizer needs of phalaenopsis (moth) orchids. We’ll also explore the components of orchid potting mixes before doing a repotting demo. Join other novice orchid owners to learn how to care for this beautiful, rewarding houseplant.
Fee is $15.00 (includes decorative glass mister)
Registration without payment will be disregarded.
Our designers, Doug and Billy, would love to set up a consultation with you to discuss the landscape plan of your dreams. From beautiful plant design, drainage solutions, and fire pits to patios, our team can take your outdoor living space to the next level. Call us at (919)484-9759, ext. 203 or visit our website to request your design consultation!
Meet Matthew Paris!
Role: Cashier and Plant Loader/Waterer
Started at FGS: April 2021
Ice Cream: Coffee
Movie: Luca
Last Book Read: The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien
Plant: Creeping Jenny
Food: Pesto Pasta
Restaurant: Elmo's Diner

Matthew joined our team this spring as a seasonal Plant Loader/Waterer, but has done such an awesome job, he has stayed with us through summer. Matthew has a knack for caring for animals--he is like an animal whisperer and isn't afraid of snakes! He and his partner currently have 6 cats, and he also volunteers at an animal clinic in his free time! Matthew is also a fantastic pianist. He loves watching Disney and Pixar movies and studying geology! Say hello to him the next time you are in the Garden Center.
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Fall is right around the corner and it will soon be time to start planting your fall/winter veggies! We have tips for preparing your space and what to plant. Read this post for more information!
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