Kiss Cold Season Goodbye

Cold Season is upon us, and many of us are feeling it (or fighting it). Support your strong, healthy immune system with the nourishing broths and soups, healthful teas and tinctures, and your favorite LüSa cold season lines

We're sharing 5 of our favorite wellness tips on our blog today. Find that helpful post here .

As for LüSa products to support a healthy season, choose from our Breathe Easy products for kids:

And Breathe Deep for adults and children over 10:

And for everyone, don't forget:
Better Balm , our all-purpose herbal balm for any skin that needs some TLC
and Cheek & Chin , for winter-weary cheeks, noses and faces.

How to use these cold season lines? It's simple.
  1. Add our EO drops to your humidifier, diffuser, or a simmering pot of water on the stove.
  2. Roll our EO roll-on blends onto the soles of your feet or dab on neck, shoulders, and throat.
  3. And work our bestselling Chest Rubs into chest and upper back for instant "aaaah!".
  4. Then dab some Cheek & Chin or Better Balm beneath your rosy red nose and you'll be 100% in no time.

This week only, purchase any 3 of the items pictured or linked above, and we'll add a 4th item of our choice to your order when we ship!

Better yet, pick up 4 of the pictured products, and we'll include a drinking jar (pictured below, imprint may vary) with a straw lid with your delivery!

To redeem, simply place a qualifying order, then add a note of "GET WELL WISHES" to your order notes, and we'll tuck your extra in before we ship.

P.S. Gift deliveries are available. What a thoughtful gift for a sniffly friend or loved one! Don't forget to add your gift message during checkout.

Retail customers only, please. Offer expires 1/15/2020.
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