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Happy New Year 2015!
Yippee, we survived another year!   Maybe even better than survived, but it is always such a relief to wake up on New Year's Day and know that a page has turned and I'm still on it.

I don't know about you, but I get very excited about the possibilities for a new year.  Maybe I'll make fewer mistakes, Maybe I'll let go of burdens and pick up new exciting adventures. Since you are a faithful newsletter reader, I'll share with you a few of my "resolutions."  Later in this newsletter..

In this issue:
  • Offering Free Tickets to movie: Tim's Vermeer 
  • New Rya backings from Norway have arrived!
  • A Customer's Request fulfilled
  • Two Days of Fun at Studio Tour
  • Showing off again:  Sea shells on wine glasses
  • New Year's Intentions for Byrdcall Studio


Be My Guest at Carroll Arts Center's showing of the film, Tim's Vermeer.
For the artist in you, for the art historian in you, and the scientist in you, treat yourself to this movie on Sunday, January 18th at 2 PM.  Yes, a matinee! 

Byrdcall Studio is sponsoring the showing of this fascinating film...and that means I really want the theater filled, so please mark your calendar.  And as we did last year, I am offering free tickets to the first ten people who contact me (and promise to be there!)  

Just send me an email telling me that you are coming, and I'll have the ticket for you in the lobby at 1:50 PM.  I promise you will learn something that 90% of your friends don't know during this film!  Amazing stuff. Film is rated PG-13, lasts 90 minutes, costs $5 for members and $6 for nonmembers--unless you get your tickets free from me. (One ticket per request, please.)  Ready, set, GO!


NEW Rya backings 
from Norway  have arrived!
Two years ago, I had no rya backings and I didn't think there were any more on the face of the earth! Now I have so many backings on hand, I need to let you know about them. The day after Christmas I received a big box full of Norwegian backings from the Rauma company.  Wool and linen ... heavy and floor-worthy.  Many shapes and sizes.  Take a look in my etsy shop if you are interested in reading the details.  Click here to see rya items in my etsy shop
I also have backings from Finland, Sweden, and USA.  What a difference two years can make. 


A "Collector" Makes a Request...
Brookie in Color
Rick bought my Brookie in Color linocut print a couple of years ago, had it beautifully matted and framed and on his living room wall.  He contacted me a couple of months ago and asked for a colorful companion piece for his wall.  We talked possibilities, but it boiled down to the perfect piece being as yet uncreated.  We decided on the woodcut, Action in the Riffles--to be hand-water-colored.  I came up with a mini-edition of color choices for him.  From those practice pieces, I will create an edition of 25 painted in the same way.  Good thing, too, because Brookie in Color is just about sold out.  Click image below to see all the prints I painted for Rick's choice.
Action in the Riffles in Color


Thanks for Visiting on the Studio Tour!
Sure wish I could get out and visit all the studios on the Carroll County Artists Studio Tour, but I have to stay put in my studio. This year was loads  of fun with more than 80 really nice folks coming out to see my work, my studio, and buy shirts and paintings.  I think I surprised many with the amount of rya supplies I have on hand.  Special thanks to Debi Robertson who volunteered all day Saturday to make my life easier.  Click image for details...


Girls Just Gotta have Fun...
Yes, I know I've said I am cutting out the glass painting side of my work to give me time for other art forms (i.e. rya), plus my glass paint manufacturer stopped making the paint I love to use.  But as part of the Carroll County Food Sunday "Off the Shelves" fundraiser in November, I offered custom-painted wine glasses to the high bidder at the silent auction.  The winner requested sea shells of the gulf coast of Florida.  Ta Daaa.  
Happy Beaching, F&J.


On to a NEW YEAR!
As I was saying in the first section, I get very reflective and optimistic when we cross over to a new year. Without listing all the lose-a-few-pound resolutions, I will declare here and now, the following:
  • I will complete writing my book on making off-loom rya rugs
  • I will pare down the excess "stuff" in my studio so that I can focus on the art and rya that I love best
  • I will find more time for fun with friends
I'll just leave it at those three things.  I will continue writing this monthly newsletter because I get such great feedback from so many of you, plus it helps me take a look back at the month and ahead to the next month in a very positive light.  The reason I started the newsletter in the first place was to invite you into my solitary studio life where I could feel isolated if not for YOU. So, Thanks for being there and reading to the end!  (I know you did!)

Happy New Year!
As always, if you know someone who might like this, feel free to forward.  If you don't subscribe, and would like to, simply go to my web site and sign up at the bottom of ANY page.  While you are at it, why not sign up for my blog postings too?

Until next month .... make it a good one...
PS  And a special thank you to my friend, Jean Matesic  who volunteers to read and edit my newsletters before they go out. Thanks to her, the links are connected, my spelling is correct, and the typos are fixed before you see them.  Thank you, Jean!
Melinda Byrd

Byrdcall Studio
Woodbine, MD


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