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Welcome to March!
Hello, Friends!  What a winter, and daylight saving is just around the corner.  Frankly I am very excited that we may get enough snow to x-c ski on before that.  I haven't touched my skis in two years.  Just came home from 5 days in Colorado visiting good friends from my seasonal park rangering days and sampling some of Fort Collins' fine brews.  

NEW THIS ISSUE: Read on if you want to see the final linocut carving for the James Ranch of Durango, CO; or a revised logo for Camp Sewataro in Sudbury, MA; or a new rya rug maker enjoying hot colors....


Hot Off the Easel

One reason I didn't get this newsletter in the email before the first of March is because last month, I promised to have finished carving the James Ranch's blockprint by the end of February.   Well, on Feb. 28, I sent the first carved "proof" off to the Ranch for approval.  Now, a few days later, after some minor tweaking, I can safely say:  The image is complete!  (Do you know how good it feels to complete a project that has been in the works for a long time?  Wonderful!!!)  Look familiar?  Last month, I showed the pen and ink sketch--this is a photo of the actual carved print which is 9" x 12"!

 Next time you are in the Durango area, check out the James Ranch, or simply look at their web site 




Squeezing in a Logo Re-do

Last month, when my good friend, Jan called me from Camp Sewataro (where I worked for many years in the 70's and early 80's), there was a sense of urgency in her request.  The camp administration wanted to give the old camp peace-pipe logo a "sprucing up" but how to do that was the problem.  Since I had carved their sign with the original logo back in 1978, I was the logical one to re-do it.  
This is the final result of the re-do.  To see what the logo looked like originally take a look at my very first carved sign.  See the original Sewataro logo  How many of you know PhotoShop or similar programs?  I just started to learn how to edit images, and this was a good opportunity to practice my skills.


Helping People with Rya Rugs ...

When the old wool rya rug backing disappeared from the face of the earth, I thought that would be the end of rya rug making.  Not so.  Maybe partly due to the YouTube video produced by the Carroll County Times where I explained and demonstrated the rya process, there has been a resurgence in interest in rya rug making.  

Rya rugs
Click on picture to see 10 minute video

 If you haven't seen the video, pour yourself a cuppa something and enjoy this 10-min. video.  If you've already seen it, then you've already seen it.


A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from a lady named Beth who lives nearby in Montgomery County and is very excited about starting a rya rug.  She came out to the studio two weeks ago and received 2 private lessons in designing her own rya rug.  


Today I received an email from a woman in Brooklyn, NY who wants to come here to learn the process!  I am happy to have a good amount of the rayon/linen backing that my grandparents had manufactured back in the 70's so I can help get folks started on their first ryas.

Beth practices threading the needle with three strands of yarn.
Learning to make the first knots...the beginning to a new adventure!


I Need Your Opinion...

I have a question for you.  I have decided to add fleece sweatshirts by Chouinard Comfort Colors to my line of Henry D. Thoreau t-shirts.  To keep life simple (in the beginning) I'm going to just print on one color.  If you have an opinion on the best color for Henry, please tell me.  The color choices I have are:  Flo Blue, Pepper, Crimson, Blue Jean, Yam,  Sea Foam, and Blue Spruce.  (Listed in the order as shown below.  My gut says go with the Blue spruce or the Blue Jean.  What do you think would be the best color?  (If anyone desperately wants one in a particular color, I'll custom print what ever you want regardless of the color I choose for the bulk of them.  They'll be listed in my etsy shop when done, maybe by the end of this month.  Click here to see my buy-it-now shop on etsy

Chouinard Comfort Color Fleece Sweat shirt and color choices
This is what the H,D.Thoreau shirt looks like as a t-shirt.  I also have longsleeved t-shirts




Again, I sure appreciate your support of my work.  Glad you found the time to make it all the way through.


Have a great month.  See you in April.    




PS  Feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone who might enjoy it.  Thanks.


Melinda Byrd

Byrdcall Studio
Woodbine, MD


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