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Happy September! 
Life is fully abuzz in the studio right now.  A rya rug in progress, 12 panel boards being painted simultaneously, two linocuts being designed, dozens of shirt orders from Hot August Blues being printed and mailed, and thoughts for new works for my fall shows all happening in reality--and in my head.
If you have memorized my email address, I'm going to throw you a curve ball...I'll soon be using as my main email address.  I'll still check my AOL mail regularly as it will be a gradual transition.
Here are some art details you might enjoy viewing this month!


On the Easel...


Well, actually, no easel in use (yet) with a large stairway series I am creating for Dean Robert Camlin Architect & Associates of Westminster, MD.  

I will be turning a large wall at the top of the stairs from plain to an artistic experience using one dozen 18" x 18" raised panels.


Sketches of the Architect Works  The art will be a collaged painting that overlaps the boards as though it were one large piece.  Here is the sketch arrangement I shared with Dean.  There's a lot happening.  You'll see more detailed work next month.  You just have to trust that it will come together at this point.


Doz-tych Set-up  I'll be using three tables so I can work on all pieces at once.  I have never done a multiple-piece painting before, so as I learn the tricks, I'll share them with you.  (Any tips?)  No worries here.


You've heard of a diptych or triptych?  That is where two or three panels become one work of art?  Well, I am calling this a doz-tych for obvious reasons.  This is how the piece looks today.  I hope to have it complete in October, so wait until next month to see the progress.Gessoes panels with color 


The arrangement will include local landscape and wildlife images, building structures, portraiture, blueprints, and architectural textures.


In Addition... a Rya Rug project


At the beginning of this summer, I was contacted by a Los Angeles artist, and asked if I could adapt a design of hers to become a 34" x 4.5' rya rug.  It will be exhibited in a memorial exhibition of artists works in Los Angeles in early November.


Rya Project--in the beginning  So for a couple of months, I've been working with the artist and her assistant on a quest for the perfect rya colors and design adaptation.  It's been quite an adventure.  A rya customer and friend in Cincinnati (David McKendrick) helped me by supplying colors beyond my own cache to meet the specific needs of the design.


Knotting the rug Now I am happy to say I am knotting a couple of hours each day and should have it complete in early October.  I'll show you the finished piece -- or the work in progress next month.


If you are not familiar with this rug-making process, please take a look at this 10 minute video I worked on just over a year ago.  It has been viewed by over 11,000 people! 

Rya rugs
Rya rugs


Upcoming Class: 

Glass Painting Class in Byrdcall Studio


My next glass painting class is scheduled for Thursday, September 20 from 6 - 8:30 PM at Byrdcall Studio.   The cost is $35 which covers materials, 2 new wine glasses or pint glasses, instruction, supplies, delicious snacks, and your choice of wine or homebrew.  Registration is limited, so email me at I'll send you an online invoice or will take credit card info over the phone if you prefer.  I'll send each registrant more details by email. To see some of my recent glass painting work click here to go to my Glass Painting web site gallery.

The first two classes this summer were held at Serpent Ridge Vineyard, but due to a busy harvest season, the Sept. class will be at my studio.  Next class at Serpent Ridge will be Thursday, Oct. 25.  To register for the SRV class, call 410-848-6511. 


Note:  All previous classes have filled quickly, so if interested, don't delay!


A Personal Note: 

When I left my "good-job-with-benefits" back in 1999, the first thing I did was accept an 8 week old puppy, Hooper, from Guiding Eyes for the Blind to raise for a year and a half.  She went on to be trained as a guide dog for 6 months in New York, but right before being assigned to a blind person, she was released from the program for showing some minor insecurities. (She refused to walk across a steaming sidewalk grate in Manhatten.)  So I got her back as my pet for life!  Sadly her life ended at age 13 on July 30 due to an agressive form of cancer.  She was my constant studio companion, my muse, and my excuse to get out and play.  She was my inspiration for "Knotty Dogs" and "Yin Yang Labs."  She was a model in many of my drawing classes for children and adults.  She inspired me to keep playfulness in my work and told me when it was time to call it a day.  Just want to give credit where credit was due.  Thanks, Hooper.




Thanks for reading this far.

I love getting your comments and feedback!

Have a great September. 

Big adventures coming up in the

studio this month...Stay tuned!



Melinda Byrd

Byrdcall Studio
Woodbine, MD


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