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Dear ,

Hi, Everyone...Welcome to September!
Lots happening in "studio world" so take a few minutes to let me chat with you.  In this issue:
  • Newest Member of the Green Business Network!
  • Member of Galactic wears my Great Blue Heron shirt!
  • New sign for Maryland Homebrew
  • Won't You Be my Model?
  • Next Show:  The Mistletoe Mart--Nov. 7, 8, 9
  • New supply of wool rya backings now on hand 


It's easy Being Green....


A couple of months ago, I told you that I designed the logo for the new Green Business Network here in Carroll County.  (See June 2013 Newsletter in Archives to the right.)  Well, I decided to take a close look at the application and decided to apply.  (After all, I was born green.)  In the past month, two reporters contacted me and wrote about the initiative.  I'm proud to be a part of it.  
Today (9/5/13) I received my certificate.  Raise a glass!  My strength is in generating very little trash, recycling, and maintaining an earth-friendly studio.
Here is the article from the Advocate of the Carroll County Times.Click here for Advocate article  And here is the article from the Carroll Eagle of the Baltimore Sun:  Click here for Eagle article.

The Carroll Eagle Edition of the Baltimore Sun
Front Page of the Carroll Eagle of the Baltimore Sun


Galactic's Trombone Player,
Corey Henry buys a shirt to perform in at Hot August Blues!


A tall and lean black man wearing a NOLA cap just like mine came into my booth at Hot August Blues a few weeks ago looking for a new shirt.  Said his name was Corey and he played trombone with Galactic--one of the major bands performing at HAB (As well as NOLA Jazz Fest!).  After contemplating several of my shirt designs, he decided on the organic cotton Great Blue Heron T-shirt...and off he went to perform on stage.  I slipped out of my booth for a few minutes to snap some shots of him performing in my shirt.   Cool.

Here's a link to see him performing at Jazz Fest with his daughter.  Click here to see Corey performing with his daughter.



A new Sign for Maryland Homebrew


A fun project for my favorite Homebrew Supply shop.  An old sign that wasn't pertinent any longer transformed into a new hand-painted sign.
Distillery 101


Do me a favor? ... Won't You be a Model?

I sure could you a variety of faces and torsos to see what my shirts look like on a human form.  If you have bought a shirt from me in the past year or so, why not send me a digital image of you wearing it?  I might post it as an example on my Etsy Shop.  Just be aware that sometimes parts of heads are cropped so the shirt image shows best.  My husband is my usual model.  Sometimes I shoot a photo of myself, but I'd much rather have YOU!  If you don't mind your photo being on etsy or maybe in my next newsletter, please send me a digital image about 500 x 500 and you'll make my life a lot easier.  I need some good shots of XXL and XXXL models in my shirts.
Dee at Cedarhurst
Dee in her new Raven shirt


My next big show is the Mistletoe Mart
November 7, 8, and 9th
Click on the link to the right under the Save The Dates section for details.  This is a three day show, and I would sure love to see you there. 


New Wool & Linen Rya backings now available in any length. 

For those of you hoping and waiting for a new wool & linen rya rug backing supply, I just bought 10 meters of a 27" (or 70 cm) floor quality backing.  I'll hem it to any length you request:  $27 per linear foot.
Rya backing from Finland
High quality wool and linen rya rug backing at Byrdcall Studio


See you next month....Thanks for your interest in my work. 

Have a great month, friends.  It means the world to me that you are interested in my artwork and adventures.  I hope you enjoy the fall as much as I know I will.

Melinda Byrd

Byrdcall Studio
Woodbine, MD


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Save the Dates!

Mistletoe Mart
Church of the Ascension
Westminster, MD November 7, 8, and 9

Carroll County Artists Studio Tour
December 7-8

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