Byrne Park Theater - Landmark
Byrne Park Theater is one of the most visible and distinctive landmarks in the Parks and Garden District, on the edge of the Theater District on Old Bradford.
History of Byrne Park Theater:

The area of Byrne Park was covered by woods until the 1908 fire. With the trees burned away, the natural slope and curvature of the hill lead it to be used as an improvised meeting area, initially for public discussions and debates over post-fire reconstruction.
As the city rebuilt, the area was occasionally used as a theater, typically by traveling circuses, small fairs, and other temporary events, leading to a wooden stage being built.
The first proper theater in the location was built by the USO during WWII; a stage with a partial cover was constructed, and a quonset hut as ‘backstage’. This was the first on-site structure significant enough to be called a ‘theater’, and some version of a theatrical structure has occupied the space ever since.
In the 1950’s the WWII-era structure was replaced by a simple steel half-dome covering the stage, facing the audience, with basic lights and a sound system, along with a series of wooden benches. This served the area well during the period when most locals were actual struggling artists, and while it frequently garnered graffiti, if it was not judged to be of sufficient artistic merit it was soon replaced by something that was.
During the city’s run-up to the 1976 American Bicentennial celebration this was replaced by a much larger, more substantial angled truss roof was put over an expanded stage. This dramatically improved the utility of the area, although the forward columns blocked the view somewhat.
This structure deteriorated during the late 80’s, developing leaks that left the light system unreliable, requiring frequent re-roofing. It was completely destroyed by Hurricane Atlas. EdenTech won the bid to replace it with the current hypar structure, winning based on both utility and the unique look.
Today, Byrne Park continues to be an iconic space for large events, performances, and random gatherings by people passing through the park who enjoy the ambiance of the grand space. When visiting the Byrne Park area, don't miss it!