July 15th, 2020 Vending Technology News
By Jeff Adair, Editor

Byte Technology  has been consistently improving its technology platform to make it easier for companies who use their smart fridges to add dynamic pricing, special offers, and incentives to attract more business.

In 2020, the unattended retail industry is growing faster than ever before due to Covid-19 as consumers want to get the foods and beverages that they need with little to no human interaction.

Along with using smart fridges more frequently, consumers also want to have the same convenience and flexibility that they have had in stores, including having the ability to take advantage of discounts, offers and incentives. 

Swipe, Grab, Go!

Swipe  – Swipe your credit card to open the door. Don’t worry — you won’t be charged unless you decide to take an item out of the kiosk!
Grab  – Byte Technology is like your refrigerator at home. We think you should be able to pick up and look at your food before deciding to eat it.
Go  – Found something you like? Just take it out of the kiosk and shut the door. Byte Technology’s smart technology will know what you took and charge you accordingly.

How Does It Work?

Using a combination of IoT and RFID technology, operators can have greater control over the inventory that they are selling from their smart fridges and reduce spoilage while offering consumers the specials that they are used at the same time. 

PayRange  announced recently that they have created a new loyalty refund advance program in partnership with Source, Inc.

The company will be targeting more than 25,000 tax filing professionals nationwide  to have them offer their clients the option of having a portion of their income tax refund transferred to the PayRange app.

Once transferred to PayRange, a consumer can use that portion of their refund immediately at unattended retail locations nationwide. Additionally, consumers will also be able to receive funding bonuses, discounts, and other incentives for being a part of the PayRange program.

PayRange Serves More Than 3 Million Consumers Nationwide

Serving more than 3 million consumers, and a variety of businesses nationwide which include laundry, unattended retail, kiosks, and more, PayRange has quickly developed into one of the most well-known consumer brands.

Camlock Systems  Series 100 lock isn’t just your average lock, it’s made with intelligent technology that enables operators to have confidence that their vending machine is safe and secure.

21st Century Technology

Vending machine owners want to have confidence that their machines are going to lock and stay locked. With the Series 100 lock by Camlock Systems, any owner who uses this lock can walk away from their vending machine with confidence in their safety and security.

DyDo Group Holdings, Inc recently announced that their new vending machines will give consumers something different than competitor vending machines.

Consumers who purchase beverages from a DyDo vending machine will be able to complete their purchase using their face and a four-digit code. 

This will make purchasing beverages from a vending machine in Japan even more convenient because consumers won’t have to find exact change or deal with card processing delays.

The Next Trend For Vending Machines?

2020 has been one of the toughest years ever for the food and beverage industry due to Covid-19. The good news though is that it’s also been a strong growth year for the vending industry because more people than ever before have been buying their food and beverages from vending machines since they don’t require human contact. 

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