C World Online 
Vol 13, Issue 02

June 09, 2019

2019 National Championships
Register now for the 2019 National Championships!  Hosted by the Pewaukee Yacht Club who promise, on land or on the water, this Nationals regatta will be one to remember!  

Go to for the NOR and registration information.

Or your can register online as well by going through and going to the Race Schedule page.

The Nationals will always test your skills against some of the best sailors in the sport. And the Pewaukee Yacht Club is the gold standard when it comes to hosting a major regatta.

Be sure to get your order in for the great 2019 Nationals swag for you and your crew!

The 2021 NCSSA National Championship Regatta will be held at 
(insert your yacht club name here!)
The target deadline for selecting the host club for the 2021 National Championships will be this year's 2019 Nationals in Pewaukee, WI.
Get your bids in NOW!
It's so easy to submit a bid.  Simply send formal bids to   With your submission, the NCSSA board asks that your club provide the following information:
  • Club Location and a brief history including websites and social media outlets
  • Past Nationals hosted and years if applicable
  • Club facilities - Full Restaurant, Bar, Storage Shed, etc.
  • Launching facilities - Number of hoists, ramps, etc. to make it easy for traveling teams to get in and sailing and on the road at the end.
  • Dockage - Number of boat slips, boat lifts available, etc. Dry event or wet event? Hauling every night?
  • Housing - Free housing, available, hotels, B&B's nearby, etc.
  • Fleet Size - How many active boats at your club. How many active on the regatta circuit
  • Food - Meals provided, Free Beer, open bar, ability to take credit card, etc. Local restaurants and bars to go out to after sailing.
  • Social Media - Club Website, Facebook page, Twitter, Online Registration - These all let us know how you are going to sell your event to get sailors to attend.
  • Ability to post scores quickly (WiFi available, printer available, etc...)
  • Price - What is your target price? Will food be packages only or ala carte? What is the anticipated social package price?
Get your bid in TODAY!
We have so many incredible lakes to choose from.  Make your lake the next centerpiece to a great 2021 C Scow season!
If you have any questions or wish to submit your bid, again, it's so easy!  Contact us at
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