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Vol 12, Issue 08

September 8, 2018

2020 NCSSA National Championships Selection
Fellow C Scow Sailors, 
The results are in and the fleet has spoken. 2020 NCSSA Nationals will be held in Muskegon, MI! With over 60% of 1st place votes they truly ran away with it. When your guidance is that clear, the decision is easy. Congratulations to Muskegon Yacht Club and we look forward to 2020.

Thank you again for your feedback!
Andrew Bohl
NCSSA President

2018 ILYA Championships -
Great Hospitality, Competitive Fleet, Challenging Winds
- submitted by Will Haeger (B - 1)

63 boats braved a scary forecast and made their way to Minnetonka to battle for the 2018 C ILYA Championship. Fighting a distinct lack of wind the whole way, the race committee managed to fire off 4 competitive races in challenging conditions. Below is a short summary of what went down.
Day 0 (Wednesday)
Most boats arrived between Wednesday afternoon and evening, launching from the Carson's Bay facility. The launch could have been a logistical nightmare but was expertly attended to by MYC volunteers and Wannabes which made the process as smooth as butter. Some boats took an evening practice sail after launching while others were content to get their moorings secured. Much merriment was had at the Bilge Pullers dinner and many old friends met up at Maynard's afterwards to celebrate the opening of the regatta.
Day 1 (Thursday)
Day 1 began with an early 9:30am warning signal. Thankfully, the breeze had already filled and the RC was able to fire off two quick back-to-backs, sailing a W3 course. Andy and Finn Burdick (I-45) took the first race while Kent Haeger and Mike Greeson (B-12) outlasted the B-87 to win the second race. Avoiding the weekend boat traffic led to minimal wave conditions and arguably the best sailing of the week, in 5-8kts.
Day 3 (Friday)
Day 3 began with an ominous forecast but mercifully (for some) an afternoon start time. Some C boaters took the opportunity to watch the morning E boat race and gather some intel on the course. Others slept away the previous night... Luckily, the wind stayed up for the afternoon session (again 5-8kts) and we were again able to get in back-to-back W3s. Youth was served in race 3 as Charlie Kutsch/Riley Schmidt in the B-16 took the win while Kate/Robert Klement finished second sailing the B-111. Race 4 saw the I-45 again cross the finish line before all the other boats, thus vaulting themselves firmly in the lead going into the weekend.
Day 4 (Saturday)
Well the forecast for Saturday was for no breeze and, by golly, those folks at The Weather Channel do get it right sometimes. The RC did all they could to get something going by requesting that all boats get on the water but nothing more than the occasional zephyr ever filled. Plenty of swimming and tanning were had but, alas, no sailing. A plan was then formulated to sail one race on Sunday at noon, just after a planned 2 races for the Es. Saturday night's party at the island did not disappoint, as 100s of sailors united to partake in delicious food and drink.
Day 5 (Sunday)
Another rough forecast made the C and E race committees face a tough choice on Sunday. The decision was made to try for 2 E races at the cost of attempting another C race and the Cs were told the regatta was over around 10am. A bright spot on an otherwise disappointing day was the continued exceptional performance of the MYC volunteers, which made hauling out way less painful than it could have been. In the end, I-45 ran away with the regatta with OO-99 and B-303 following in second and third respectively. B-16 and B-111 finished in a tie for top junior (in 5th and 6th places), with "Chuck Nasty" winning the tiebreaker. Many thanks to the race committee and the innumerable volunteers for making the most of a meteorologically-challenged event. As always, friendship and teamwork remain undefeated on the race course.

For the complete listing of the 2018 ILYA Championship final standings, please visit the Racing Schedule page at .

2018 National Rankings
Results through ILYA Championships
The following is a list of the top 25 C Scow sailors in the nation as ranked by the NCSSA based on their regatta finishes and the strength multipliers of the regattas attended.  To receive a ranking, sailors must attend at least three (3) regattas in a season.  The following 2018 rankings are calculated up to and through the 2018 ILYA Championships.  With the Spring and Championship portion of the season behind us, there are still opportunities for the standings to change and sailors to get ranked with the Blue Chip and Fall regatta results to come (go to the Racing Schedule page at for dates and registration information).  There still some higher ranking events to go to this Fall.  So get up, get out there and go sailing!

For the complete list of nationally ranked skippers, go to the Racing Rankings page at .



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