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Vol 12, Issue 07

August 6, 2018

2020 NCSSA National Championships Survey
Wednesday, August 8
Fellow C Scow Sailors, 
As previously mentioned, the time has come to decide on a 2020 Nationals venue so the NCSSA board is seeking the fleet's input before we make a decision. If you haven't already, please take the 5 minutes to do this survey as it will provide us with invaluable insight.

Again, we have bids from 4 outstanding clubs: Okauchee, Geneva, Minnetonka, and Muskegon, MI.
For your reference, please see the list of notable points from the four locations.
Please NOTE: the NCSSA has sought to alternate between Wisconsin and non-Wisconsin venues to ensure the strength of C fleets nationwide. As we will have had 2 consecutive Nationals on Wisconsin lakes after Pewaukee in 2019, 2020 is a year that traditionally would be held outside of Wisconsin. We hope you will consider the philosophy that sustaining the C fleet nationally means  traveling outside of our regular regatta circles. We have not been to an Eastern venue since Maxinkuckee in 2011, so we urge you to consider supporting our friends east of Lake Michigan. We will seriously consider all of the feedback we receive before making a decision about the 2020 venue.
Also, if you are attending the ILYA Championships this year, you will see some questions about the schedule of make-up races. Please take the time to answer those questions along with your 2020 preferences.
This survey will be open through Wednesday, August 8th, so please give us your feedback promptly.

Okauchee Lake Yacht Club
-$150 registration includes new lunches and dinner
-Recently finished construction of a new deck/patio that can support over 300 people
-Full kitchen and newly renovated grilling area
-Boats will be moored in a protected bay


Lake Geneva Yacht Club
-$170 early registration, $200 regular. Includes lunches. Dinner not currently included but they are working on a sponsor
-Dry sailing
-Free post-race beer/cocktail

Minnetonka Yacht Club
-$225 early registration, $250-$275 regular. Includes lunches AND BOOZE for 2
-Fleet has grown to 9 c-boats and still going
-Extensive free housing for off-lake sailors, 0 requests were turned down in 2012
-Boats will be moored in protected bay

Muskegon Yacht Club
-$100 -$200  multi-tier registration based on early-bird vs late registrations.
-The lake is 3 miles by 9 miles
-4.5 hour drive from Milwaukee, 3.5 by ferry which drops you off in Muskegon
-Club has full bar and restaurant as well as lakeside swimming pool
-Full time staff including chef
-Dry sailing (hosted 140 boats at WMYA)
-Muskegon is a popular vacation spot, so there are plenty of AirBnB options both on and off the lake, as well as many hotels in the area
-Supported by nearby Spring Lake (12 boats), Crystal Lake (newly formed C Fleet), Lake Fenton, and Maxinkuckee.
Thank you for your feedback!
Andrew Bohl
NCSSA President
John Porter
ILYA C Fleet Representative
2018 WYA Championships record highest number of boats for a regatta at Okauchee Lake and the results are in!
- by Alex Kay (E - 8)

The 2018 C-Scow W.Y.A. had 72 boats on Okauchee. Paul Reilly, A-14, and crew Austin Jessing won the regatta!
On Friday, no races were sailed due to lack of wind. Nevertheless, sailors enjoyed the day at the OLYC's newly remodeled clubhouse and patio. Friday evening there was a cocktail party and people enjoyed the camaraderie of the regatta.  
On Saturday, there were three races sailed. Scott Tarmann, E-55, won the first race. Dave Keck, OO-99, won the second race. Will Haeger, B-1, won the third race. Saturday night there was a very successful party with a barbeque dinner, band, and plenty of dancing.
Sunday, the race committee attempted to start a race in difficult conditions, however, the wind and weather did not cooperate. Thank you to all the sailors who made this, yet again, a great event!    

Top Ten (see full results on Racing Schedule page at

Place Sail # Skipper Crew Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total
1st A-14 Paul Reilly Austin Jaessing 3 5 18 26
2nd B-303 Frank Davenport Ron Jarecky 11 10 5 26
3rd OO-111 Charlie Kilander Dex 4 2 21 27
4th B-1 Will Haeger Brad Roble 13 16 1 30
5th B-16 Charlie Kutschenreuter James Kutschenreuter 12 6 13 31
6th B-18 Brian Brickler Kevin Brickler 5 12 15 32
7th V-31 Bob Schieble JP Friend 27 7 4 38
8th E-55 Scott Tarmann Gavin Gurkhart 1 13 26 40
9th E-16 Dave Smith Alana Smith 2 20 19 41
10th OO-99 Dave Keck Bill Harvat 40 1 3 44

2018 WMYA Championship -
An Instant Classic
The 2018 Western Michigan Yachting Association Championships in Muskegon, MI had the feel of a match race from the start.

All seven races were completed over four days in near perfect conditions.  Thanks to the location of Muskegon Lake along the lakeshore of Lake Michigan, good wind was never a problem.

Joe Schaub (T-17) and Glenn McMurray (B-22) finished the first day in a dead heat with the exchange of first place finishes in steady 15 knots of pure pressure coming off of the "Big Lake".  The first race was completed with all boats competing with only two sailors in the straps.  That changed quickly as thirds were hustled aboard from the flotilla of spectator boats for the start of the second race.

The C Scow fleet shares the starting line at the WMYA with the E Scow fleet.  The combination of the streaking E Scows and the powerful wave bashing Cs made for an exciting spectacle for the numerous spectator boats gathered at each mark.

Day two started early in the morning for the C's.  Boats were being towed out to the race course.  Fortunately for sailors in Western Michigan all that is necessary is a little patience.  The sun comes out and the thermal kicks in!  Race three, which started in 5 to 10 knots ended quickly in 15 knots and rising!  Joe Schaub pulled out another bullet with local skipper Scott Harestad applying pressure finishing in second.  Race four once again had skippers pulling third crews from the spectator fleet.  This time Tom Keenan (LF-88) along with his kids Tina and Michael showed off their heavy air sailing capabilities and shaking up the standings with a victory of their own in Race 4.
It was growing more and more apparent that this regatta was shaping up to be a true shootout!
Day 3 saw the C fleet take the stage in the lightest air of the week; 6 - 10 knots that afternoon out of the WSW.  This moderate breeze proved to be the tonic Spring Lake, MI sailors Scott Harestad and his sister Beth needed to breakout and break into the hunt for this year's championship!  As the returning WMYA Champ, Scott (in his "new to him" 2010 C Scow) laid down perfect tracks and captured the day with wins in both Race 5 and 6!  Glenn McMurray stayed on top in the standings going into Day 4 with two second place finishes!
Friday night all the competitors from the six fleets in attendance (109 total boats consisting of fleets of E, C, MC, Laser, Opti and Butterfly) ate and danced the night away at the 89th Annual Commodore's Ball.
After an uncharacteristic back to back fifth place finishes in Day 3, Joe Schaub, with his crew Liz Bernstein, did all they could do to stay in contention by winning another heavy air race on the final day.  However, it was Team Keenan who proved to be the difference maker by scoring a three in race 7, just ahead of B-22.  This left the Championship (decided by tie breaker) to be awarded, for the second year in a row, to Scott Harestad!  A great comeback in the final two days for Scott and Beth in what proved to be a classic, highly competitive 89th Annual WMYA Championship.

Rank Boat # Skipper Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7 Final
1   I 111 Scott Harestad 3 3 2 4 1 1 2 12
2   B22 Glenn McMurray 2 1 3 2 2 2 4 12
3   T 17 Joe Schaub 1 2 1 3 5 5 1 13
4   LF 88 Tom Keenan (M) 4 4 4 1 4 4 3 20
5   SL 68 Karl Lanka 6 6 5 5 3 3 5 27
6   SL 21 Adam Hohmeyer 5 5 6 6 6 6 6 34



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