C32 Initiative
C 32   I N I T I A T I V E   U P D A T E
Should I not be concerned for that great city! NOV 2016
Phase V

- Continue Training and Coaching of Planters 

- Continue Raising Funds 

- Continue Regional Prayer Tours 

- Recruit and Solidify Church Planting Launch Teams  

- Begin Coordination of Convoy of Hope Outreaches  

- Begin Coordination of potential Extreme Makeover sites 

Our Partners


CMN Launch Training: All C32 Planters must attend a Launch Training.  For those who have not yet, take note of this opportunity:

Dream Center
Washington, DC

We have much to be thankful for in the C32 Initiative. In just 10 short months, we will be launching 32 new churches on September 17, 2017 by the grace of God.

We are so very thankful for the love and financial support of the Potomac Ministry Network Pastors and Leaders. Many have made significant sustaining contributions and are continuing to be in communication with others in making similar commitments.

We are thankful for all of the new planters who have begun the planting process just this month. Thus far, our number has grown to 32!

We are thankful for the Power of Prayer and the devotion of prayer warriors as we continue to host CityQuake Prayer Gatherings- Most recently in Baltimore and Washington, DC.

We are thankful for the C32 leadership Team who have so graciously given time to connect with our planters and the presbytery of the PMN, our assessment team and financial advisors as well as our partners of the CityReach Network and Generis.

We are thankful for the awesome training being offered including the Nuts & Bolts Conference which featured experienced, wise and gifted speakers - Shout out to Bryan Briggs, Randy Valimont and Kate Gordon! (audio recordings now available online)

We are most thankful for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who chose each of us for such a time as this to be used for His service and to increase His kingdom. Amen
Featured Planter - The Yardley's
The Yardleys

Michael and Erica Yardley have been journeying toward their calling to plant in Richmond, VA since their senior year of college. As an engaged couple, they began serving as youth pastors at CrossWalk Church, commuting back and forth from Liberty University in Lynchburg to Williamsburg each weekend. During their morning commute, they would pass Main Street Station in Richmond, sparking conversations about the potential for ministry opportunities in that area. After serving for ten years at CrossWalk, they began to enter into the season of church planting and God led them back to this iconic spot as a beacon to the Richmond area, developing within them a heart for the people and city of Richmond. As they prayed about where God would open the doors for them to plant, the Yardleys were moved by the vision and heartbeat of the C32 initiative and knew God was calling them to partner together with other local church planters to reach the greater Richmond area.

Michael and Erica--along with their "three, three and under," Ezra, Noelle, and Abby Jean--will be ministering to families and the community of the Glen Allen area in Richmond. Having served as both youth and campus pastors at CrossWalk, they realize the value of ministry beginning outside of the church walls, within the walls of homes, and are passionate about reaching families and the de-churched. Their mission for The Rise Church and the community is simple: to love God, love people, and make disciples. They will equip others to take ministry outside of the church walls and back into the relationships and places where they do life together.
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