April 5, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Listen to Piglet's Happy Easter message, and consider compassion:


Founder and Executive Director of  Project Coyote,  Camilla Fox , was just  named the 2014 Conservationist of the Year by the John Muir Association . This prestigious award is given to "those who have excelled in environmental protection, or made significant contributions to the advancement of conservation." Camilla will be presented with this award at the  John Muir Birthday-Earth Day Celebration  on April 18
 in Martinez, CA - a fun event for the whole family (awards ceremony at 2pm). Camilla will also be speaking to the  Democratic Women of Monterey County  on April 24
  (free & open to the public); her work on behalf of wildlife was recently featured in several media outlets including  Fem Worldview  and  Biophilic Cities
(Ed note: seriously wonderful body of work Camilla, congratulations!)

4th new baby whale in three months, sighted in Washington:

Bill submitted to ban cat-declaring in New York City:




Kingston was saved when a spot in boarding opened up and some amazing people donated to help pay for his expensive boarding fees.  Kingston is a confident but confused young man (approx 2 yrs/GSD). When he arrived at a shelter 4+ months ago, he was a typical GSD who was responsive and happy and hyper. After 4 months of being kenneled at the shelter he began exhibiting barrier aggression --barking at anything that passed his kennel. Within time he began slowly losing weight, turning in circles and pacing out of frustration. We pulled him a week ago and placed him in boarding - we have found that he is doing better but he has become less responsive to his handler and although he is still stressed, he is not turning or pacing. As you can see by his photo, he is very sad.  Kingston is a sweet dog but will need an experienced handler. He is not reactive on leash but alert which is typical to his breed. He will need time for his handler to work with him. He walks well on leash and is very clean in his kennel. We are seeking an experienced foster home for Kingston with a fenced in yard, no other animals. No children. If fostering: All food/vetting covered by receiving rescue. Contact: alexiapearce@rogers.com



Sheena, a medium sized 3-5 year old German Shepherd cross, walks amazing on leash and is fine left alone. She is very well behaved and listens to all commands. She loves romping in a yard and is very loyal to her people. Sheena is a typical shepherd and will be protective/territorial if strangers come onto her property. She is fine meeting people on leash.   To see Sheena in action click here:
We are seeking a foster home for Sheena with no dogs or other animals. No children, no apartments. All food/vetting covered by Rescue Dogs Match  If you would like to make a donation to help cover her boarding fees ($25/day plus tax), please click on the link:  http://www.gofundme.com/754zok.   Please email info@rescuedogsmatch.com if you can foster or adopt Sheena.

Barkley is waiting in a kennel for his forever home. He is 4 1/2 years old, medium large Lab/Border mix. He has been at the shelter for a while now so he is quite restless in his kennel and needs out asap. Barkley is waiting in a kennel for his forever home. He has been at the shelter for a while now so he is quite restless in his kennel and needs out asap (Ed note: Barkley's number could be up anytime at the shelter.)  Barkley is extremely smart so he would do best with owners who will give him a job or exercise him. Barkley needs a home right now with no kids under 15 years old and no other smaller dogs or cats as Barkley has a huge prey drive. We are looking for a home with experience of the border collie breed. Positive training only not correctional.  A fully fenced in yard is a must. 
Anyone interested in fostering or adopting Barkley please email info@rescuedogsmatch.com


Meet Jake, a handsome 3 yr old Redbone Coonhound with a love of life, and the great outdoors. He is a big fan of the dog-park and happily runs to greet all newcomers at the gate. This calm, friendly boy would make a loving and loyal companion and a good walking partner. Jake was rescued from Kentucky but sadly he has spent much of his time in Canada languishing at a kennel while waiting for a foster or permanent family. Although Jake loves everybody he meets, he does tend to bond and become somewhat possessive of his female caregiver and has, on occasion, been grumbly (although never bitten) the male of the house and both times he was indoors. Jake needs a kind woman with large dog experience and no males in the home to foster the big guy or better yet, welcome him into their family. A dog buddy would be no problem for him as he gets along with everyone. Lovable Jake would also need a decent sized yard. contact: adogsdream@cogeco.ca 



Gorgeous Coco is a three year old, spayed, chipped female who spent at least two years on the streets before we trapped her. She is now living in a foster home but must soon leave.  Coco is magnificent. She is a large, stately girl, cautious and calm, who, with time, will love her forever mom or dad. She is clean in the house, is learning to play with toys and loves her new Cat Dancer. She has stopped overeating, now that she knows there will always be food. She likes other cats but her foster mom's cat hates her, which is a problem. We are searching for a home with or without another cat, and a person or family who understands that Coco must never ever be let outside again. They will be rewarded with a calm and elegant princess; a sweet, affectionate girl who has survived the streets she feared, and the enemy cats she cowered away from, who wants only to live peacefully with a human and perhaps feline companion, with daily food and a toy or two. Please contact Elizabeth aecelibacy@hotmail.com  or 416-462-3521.  



Pricilla is a 6 year old spayed female who is a diabetic.  She needs 3 units of insulin twice daily; she needs to be fed W/D long term to avoid pancreatitis again. She is currently on 2 different eye drops twice a day but after her next recheck with the ophthalmologist she will only need one eye drop twice a day. She is good with some dogs but not all; she is not good with cats;  she has no handling issues; she is relaxed in the home, is totally housetrained and never once had an "accident".  She is a small poodle and terrier mix, best guess.  If you are nervous about injections we can set up a learning session for you. 

I f you can help Pricilla either as a foster home or a forever home please email  Lorraine@speakingofdogs.com   (Ed note: injections are easy. Reward immediately after.) 







Tell Maple Lodge Farms what you think of their treatment of hens:

Advises  that the U.S. District Court, District of Hawaii, just ruled that the U.S. Navy's war games violate laws protecting whales and dolphins! This is a huge win  for defenceless marine mammals, which are going deaf and hungry due to ocean noise and may die at the hands of the US Navy. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with their support on this issue.

Beach area Toronto:  Police warning about pets being shot with BB gun:

Awesome news: New Zealand bans cosmetic testing on animals!:



International group of prominent scientists sign the Cambridge Declaration of Consciousness, declaring that animals are conscious and aware to the degree that humans are ... amen.






Our dog friend Charlie passed away this week. RIP beautiful boy. Claire and Glenn loved you dearly and will miss you greatly. See you on the bridge sweetheart.


Happy Easter everyone! If you're on Facebook this morning, please msg your friends and family to keep the pets away from the chocolate and cats away from Lilies - Lilies are poisonous to cats!!! Best, m.