April 12, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Folks, we've got a lot of "special needs" dogs this week -- all with various profiles and distinct needs. If you could help push them out into the market via Facebook, that would be really awesome.


Emergency on East Coast - share w/family and friends!  Birds are returning but because of deep snow, cannot find food. Please feed the East Coast birds! (If you can find bird food without neocotinoids, even better and of course, no bread)... 

FBI classifies animal abuse as a felony (thanks Colleen Perrin for posting): 


Please share with family and friends, and SHOW THEM how wrong it is to let babies have their way with dogs--t hat child is a hair away from having his beautiful young face ripped off. 

My name is Saphira I am a 2 year Shepherd x Collie and I was recently surrendered to the OSPCA. My owner could not afford to care for me anymore. Unfortunately I have had seizures since I was 7 months old, and I am now on daily medication to help me live like a normal dog. I am two years old I have previously lived with children and get a long with all age groups. I have also lived with dogs and get along well with all. I am currently in a foster home which have cats and I am enjoying their company. I am looking for a forever home or a rescue who can help me live a long, happy, healthy life. The vets say I should have more bloodwork done to rule out epilepsy -- worst case, I could potentially have a neurological issue. I could be on medication for life. The shelter that I am currently in is very full with other medical issue dogs so cannot fully fund my medical bills. Please if there is anyone out there who can help me, Please call Megan Morrow; Arrivals Counselor Newmarket OSPCA at 905-898-7122 x 385. or by email   mmorrow@ospca.on.ca  for more information. Thank you. (Ed note: sorry photo is sideways, couldn't correct. Saphira has NOT had any seizures since coming into foster...)


Meet Jake, a handsome 3 yr old Redbone Coonhound with a love of life, and the great outdoors. He is a big fan of the dog-park and happily runs to greet all newcomers at the gate. This calm, friendly boy would make a loving and loyal companion and a good walking partner.  Jake was rescued from Kentucky where his days were numbered but sadly he has spent much of his time in Canada languishing at a kennel while waiting for a foster or permanent family. Although Jake loves everybody he meets, he does tend to bond and become somewhat possessive of his female caregiver and has, on occasion, been grumbly (although never bitten) the male of the house and both times he was indoors. Jake needs a kind woman with large dog experience and no males in the home to foster the big guy or better yet, welcome him into their family. A dog buddy would be no problem for him as he gets along with everyone. Lovable Jake would also need a decent sized yard. Please contact adogsdreamrescue@cogeco.ca (Ed note: regrets, last week's post -- email was inaccurate)

Penny is approx 1 1/2 -2 years old and is a Norwegian Elkhound/Shepherd cross. She was hit by a car in January 2015 and was not claimed by her owner.  She received medical care for her injuries and is in the care of Clarington Animal Services. She has made an amazing recovery and the ligaments and tendons in her pelvic area continue to heal well. Due to the healing process, Penny requires a special home. To avoid injury, she requires a home where there are no other pets or small children. She also needs to be on the main floor of a home, or in a bungalow style home. She can easily manage a few stairs to get outside but is not allowed to be on stairs beyond that. She needs a home that has carpeting as she could slip on wood or ceramic floors. She is not allowed to run as she is still healing but gentle exercise is required to help her gain strength in her hind end. Penny loves attention and is ready to be adopted into a home by someone that understands her needs. She needs a nice quiet home with a fenced backyard. Clarington Animal Services will not be placing Penny in foster care. They are located at 33 Lake Road Bowmanville. 905 623 7651. Please help Penny find the home that she needs. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Barkley has been with us (Hamilton Animal Services) for quite sometime now.  He has come a long way.  We know from  his previous owners that he did not do well or respond well to corrective training.  He needs a gentle yet firm handler.  He is extremely food motivated too.  He seems to do OK with bigger dogs who are NON-confrontational.  If another dog reacts, Barkley will too.  No small dogs should be around him as he has been returned 2X in past going after smaller dogs (injuring them.....prey drive).  He walks ok on a leash (harness).. He has been doing really well in our off leash park (he is the only one in there) with recall and he LOVES chasing a ball and bringing it back and running!  We know Barkley is a fantastic boy and so very easy to work with.  He needs someone with experience in positive training and with the breed as he will requires MUCH exercise.    Can you help Barkley find a rescue group to help him by posting him please?  If anyone is able to help him can you please tell them to e-mail our rescue email address at  AnimalRescue@hamilton.ca   







Sign the petition: Amend the OSPCA  Act to enable inspections on private properties if also being used as a kennel
(thanks Ken Wood for posting):

Tell Whole Foods NOT to sell rabbit meat in their stores:

Please help stop the sale of prong collars for heaven's sakes:


Smart, Toronto Cat Rescue, Smart!!:  If you are thinking of re-homing your cat because behaviour issues are making it difficult to keep him, Toronto Cat Rescue volunteers can assist. By providing g uidance and pointing you in the right direction on finding resources available, we are here to help you work with your cat on resolving the problem behaviour.   Please complete this form with as much information as possible so that one of our volunteers can assist you:  http://www.emailmeform.com/build.../.../f8KUd0rsuM2tG6R4TY8JPj4a



Send us notices on your events! We're happy to publish them, and help your rescue build community! 



Farm Animal Succession Update  "piece de la piece" (you'll have to imagine "les accents grave" cause I can't find my french keys on the new computer) (hampering my style, that...)  We witnessed a wonderful reunion this week, for three of our horses.  The horses were really happy to see each other again! And best news of all, we've found a farm sanctuary placement for our last animals, a family of six Yorkshire pigs. This transfer/transport is going to be the biggest challenge of the entire project -- we saved the best for last! :) It will take some time to pull off, but the pigs have a wonderful new home waiting on them, with experienced, resourced caregivers. Kara at www.ralphysretreat.com, take a bow honey for pulling off yet another miracle! 


RIP Sadie. Glad you lived such a good life girl. Your parents and your dog walker did you majorly proud. 

Now, to Sunday and an actual day off. Alrighty then. m.