April 19, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

If you're looking for more ways to advocate for animals, remember to click on the Facebook link below, and follow C4P Animal Rescue on Facebook. There's lots of content posted there daily, and all kinds of additional ways to support animals.

The Moral Bucket List: "What is life asking of YOU?":

Post Traumatic Stress v. Post Traumatic Growth: watch this great little video (12 mins) that outlines the "PAW" model: Perception, Action, Will. It's brilliant.  http://brianjohnson.me/philosophers-notes/the-obstacle-is-the-way/


Dear John: honestly, get a hobby that isn't raccoons. S pend $31M on the environment, or bike lanes or something. Leave our raccoons alone. Sincerely, RACCOON NATION. 

San Francisco passes ban on use of wild animals and exotics for performances (thanks Donna McMillan for posting):


Remember, no one is expecting perfection - that's impossible. Even if you just move to "Meatless Mondays" or switch from regular cow's milk to almond milk -- any action you take to up your game, will help farmed animals, will make you healthier, and is a critical contribution to saving the planet.


Mya and Frankie were found wanting near a busy highway and were taken in at a local horse farm last September. When a search for the owners turned up empty, they were placed at FrogHollow Farm Sanctuary.  It wasn't long before they discovered that May had a little bundle of activity in her belly! On January 16th, she gave birth to three beautiful babies, one of which did not survive. The two brothers, Levi and Olaf thrived under the care of Mom Mya, and are now the best of friends. They will remain as part of the growing FrogHollow family...but, we don't want any more "accidents" -- these little gents now need to be neutered!  FrogHollow is fundraising to help with costs. The link can be found here

Adorable, brave little Maggie needs a home!  She spent most of this very cold winter outside but she's adjusted to indoor life beautifully. This cute little girl is completely adorable. While not particularly demanding, she does love attention and has a purr like a little motor. She's very nervous of people she doesn't know, so she needs a quieter home (older children okay) with someone who's willing to give her a bit of time to get comfortable. When that happens, she shines! Favourite things: head rubs, belly rubs, being brushed, playing with her wand toy, playing fetch or chasing her crinkly ball, or just hanging out with her human. Maggie really likes other cats and would probably be happiest with a kitty friend. Maggie is a year old and has been spayed and vaccinated. All she needs now is her very own person! Email  debra.roppolo@gmail.com

Coco is a three year old, spayed female cat who spent two years on the streets before we trapped her. Her microchip linked her to a rescuer who spayed and chipped her at a feral clinic two winters ago, then released her in Scarborough because she wasn't friendly. Coco somehow landed back in central Toronto, where we caught her. Coco is magnificent. She is a large, stately girl, cautious and calm, who has a huge capacity for loving her human. She is clean in the house, is learning to play with toys and loves her Cat Dancer. She has stopped overeating, now that she knows there will always be food. She likes other cats but her foster mom's cat hates her, which is a problem.  Two weeks ago, Coco escaped from the house but after seven hours on the lam, came scratching at the window and walked back inside the house. Coco needs a home with or without another cat, and humans who will not let her outside again. They will be rewarded with a calm and elegant princess, a sweet, affectionate girl who has survived the streets she feared, and the enemy cats she cowered away from, and wants only to live peacefully with a human and perhaps feline companion, and daily food and a toy or two. contact: elizabethabbottwriter@gmail.com 


The last white male Rhino in Kenya has been placed under armed guard. There's a Go Fund Me campaign link included in article to help provide training for the soldiers who are guarding him. There are only four female Rhinos remaining on earth -- two of them are in captivity. His horn's been removed to make him less appealing to poachers: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/04/14/northern-white-rhino-sudan-armed-guard-kenya_n_7059682.html



Seven things your senior dog wants you to know:



Read about the class action $2Billion lawsuit being filed against Seaworld (thanks Kimberley Carroll for posting): 



Why the FBI's re-classification of animal abuse is a HUGE positive step for he way we view animals (thanks Leslie Cockwell for sending): 







RIP Seedling and Balder Success.  So sorry humans failed you. Grand National UK, "shame on you" (and all covert/overt participants in it).  People, stop betting on horses. If you don't bet, there's no industry. It's that simple. 

For the poor horses, m.