April 26, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Readers, as you jump into your gardening boots over the coming weeks, do a quick check for nesting animals first -- in the trees and on the ground underneath them!


Tell me petitions don't work! This is huge news. Facebook responds to online petition re: cruelty to animals and adjusts their policy!   The link below outlines exactly how to report any pages displaying cruelty to animals on Facebook--bookmark for future reference:  http://chn.ge/1aTbnD3

New York Court Recognizes Leo & Hercules Chimps, as "legal persons" -- thanks One Green Planet for posting!  http://bit.ly/1d1OTkY

FDA warns of illness and death for pets treated with topical pain management NSAID "flurbiprofen" (thanks Heather Babin for sending):  http://bit.ly/1EdTafi

Excellent news! Advocacy works! The poor St. Patricks' Parish pigs will never have to suffer this again:



Ball, frisbee, ball, frisbee...Pardon me I was busy play fetch! My name is Nikko, I am a 1 ? year old Australian Cattle dog mix.
With my gorgeous brown brindle and liver tick coat, I am quite the handsome fella! I need a home that is going to take me for multiple walks a day. I absolutely love frisbees, balls, and stuffed toys! I will play fetch for hours and hours! I can be a bit nippy so I need a home with no young children. I also need a home with no dogs or cats, until my training is up to par! I am an eager boy and beyond smart!  Please keep sharing Nikko. He has been in Oshawa Animal Services since AUGUST 2014.  There has got to be a rescue or adopter for this poor guy. Oshawa Animal Serices 905.436.3311  Animal ID:  A046227

Kelly & Smokey are two 1yo female cats whom we have recently had spayed. They were both trapped at feral cat colony sites, but both lovely kitties are tame, gentle, and suitable to a loving home. Please consider adopting one of these girls and giving them a chance at a better life. Note: They came from separate colonies and are not currently a bonded pair.  kaitlise@yahoo.ca 289-257-0502.  http://www.facebook.com/niagaraferalcats

Isn't he beautiful?  Otis  is a great dog.  He was surrendered over to Hamilton Animal Control as the owners state he is too big and strong to handle.  He needs to be neutered ASAP  J  Owner also says that Otis is humping legs, very rowdy & dog aggressive.  When walking him back to kennel rottie came at the bars aggressively toward him and Otis did react, but when he met a docile female senior bulldog/boxer X he was a-ok.  Very food motivated - will sit, shake paws and lay down for treats.  Overall he is a goofy boy who gets over stimulated but with a good routine and proper exercise this should subside.  True to boxer breed when it comes to energy level.  Will need obedience & someone who is familiar with the breed and an active household. contact: Kim.Jesty@hamilton.ca

Boots  came to us as an owner surrender as he "couldn't afford".  He did disclose that he had mental illness and that Boots had never been walked and seldom been outside.  Boots went out to a rescue  but was returned 3 weeks later due to her lunging at people and dogs.  Foster mom stated she became "protective" of her after spay and doesn't have the time or resources to work with her and follow through.  We are seeing another side of Boots here.  She did bark at male co -workers that approached but recovered nicely once the men began feeding her high value treats. She responds to commands but is lacking confidence & trust.  Boots needs someone with time and who will put the effort into working through her issues.  Filas need constant exposure & socialization which Boots had neither of.   She is young and very manageable.   She will need calm, reassuring exposure with a confident handler.  She did do very well with crate training and has her basic obedience.  She loves to play and will need a fenced yard. No children. contact: 


This lovely senior Carmel  came as an owner surrender as 2 yr old child was "pulling at dog" and she growled and was beginning to snap at child.  Carmel lays quietly on her blanket in her kennel.  She has some skin issues (allergies), she licks at paws and some areas are sparse.  She has a couple of lumps as well.  Currently on medication for ears.  She is more than willing to greet women with a full body wag; she tends to shy away from men but will approach with encouragement.  Owners stated she doesn't like other dogs around her food bowl?  When testing she backed away from bowl when test hand introduced.  Owners stated she will not back down from a dog fight if one broke out.  When greeting younger male dog she sniffed nose to nose and avoided other dogs in kennels.  Carmel will need a quiet home to live out her life.  She did live with cats. contact:  Kim.Jesty@hamilton.ca


Please share this petition:



This is a good read--share w/family and friends who partake in roadside zoos:

Real Life "Dr. Dolittle" to Tour Canada to "Talk" with Animals:  Animal communication expert Claudia Hehr will hit the road this spring to bring "The Voice of the Animals" Canada Tour to numerous communities across the country. During the tour Hehr will lead free educational presentations to show pet owners that animals can actually hear when people talk with them and how anyone can help an animal in any situation by knowing how to correctly communicate with them. "This information will reduce fear and stress, make the lives of humans and animals better and easier, and will save many animal lives," says Hehr.  The tour's second goal is to find loving and caring homes for at least 100 homeless animals. Hehr will "talk" with a variety of animals that have a history of living in shelters, rescue organizations or boarding stables. "I will 'interview' these wonderful animals to find out about their past, why they act the way they do, or what homes they need and want," says Hehr. The interview findings will be posted on social media in an effort to attract the right guardian for these homeless animals.  Hehr's commitment to improving the lives of animals is illustrated by the fact that she is trading in her apartment and possessions for a mobile home to use during the tour. Hehr estimates she will travel 20,000 km during the six-month tour and welcomes any donations to help offset tour costs.  For more information about 'The Voice of the Animals" Canada Tour, please contact Hehr at 519-833-2382 or talk@claudiahehr.com. You can also visit her website at: www.claudiahehr.com.





If you live in the GTA and love horses, come to Winsong Farm's fundraiser TODAY at 2PM in King City! Only $10, and all proceeds benefit Silver Willow Farm Rescue Centre.
The Winsong (rescue) horses are an entertaining bunch,--they unroll carpets, open mailboxes for treats, push balls, play maracas, play on teeter totters... for heaven's sakes, the horses even paint!!!  All training is done by clicker, patience -- and treats. Email:  winsong.farm@routcom.com  Webpage: http://winsongfarm.ca
(Ed Note: seriously folks, if you LOVE horses, you have got to see what they are doing at Winsong! GO!)

Looking for a super-fun way to make a difference and help save a life? Come on our to
The Dog Rescuers Inc. Cinco de Mayo Fundraiser Pub Night on Saturday May 2! We've taken in some tough dogs over the past few months who have required extensive medical work, and we're hoping this fundraiser will be a HUGE SUCCESS!!! All proceeds from this night will go towards the dogs in our care -They're counting  on it and on YOU! Saturday May 2, 2015  Bronte's Sports Kitchen (2544 Speers Road in OAKVILLE. Corner of Speers and Bronte)  7pm  $20 (includes all-you-can-eat Mexican Buffet, live music, awesome door prizes, raffle prizes, "break-a-pinata" and a mariachi band!)  Why come? Because we need your help! This evening is SO much fun, and really does make a difference. Every dollar raised goes back towards the dogs in our care. We are volunteer run and not a single one of us takes a pay cheque... So come on out, bring your friends and help save a life!  Tickets can be purchased at the door (cash only) or in advance by emailing  info@thedogrescuersinc.ca  



Folks, if you've been with C4P for a few years, you will remember Kaya, the beautiful white German Shepherd.  His guardians Anusia and Lev are devastated this week, as Kaya took his leave. He had a wonderful 5 years with them, camping, adventuring, blogging, living his life as a real card-carrying family member.  He will be missed. RIP sweet boy.


Farm Animal Succession Plan:  the last of the smaller farm animals leave end of this week. We are well underway organizing the transfer of the final six Yorkshire Pigs to a dream-come-true states-side sanctuary, who most graciously stepped up to take Abraham, Martin, John, Rosa, Florence & Oprah!   Quite a complex process... another few weeks, we'll be all done.  Awesome effort on behalf of so many! 

This is Pax, a rescued "Canadian" Horse.  He's oh-so-beautiful. He likes to paint. First photo is Pax in the ring, doing the Spanish Walk... third photo is Pax painting... middle photo is (one of) Pax's painting(s) - looks suspiciously like his Spanish Walk, n'est ce pas?  For all the beautiful rescue horses at Winsong, and their brilliant handlers, m.