April 17, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

I thought this article important enough to open the newsletter with this week. All advocates need to "tighten" their messages on social media -- some good and bad examples this week on C4P's Facebook page re: Minnie Cow...


Long-time advocates, get ready to fall off your chairs!

Do YOU think the Bowmanville charges were strong enough?  Animal Justice doesn't! 

Has everyone heard about "Judas wolves"? ... pretty nefarious practice:

The field of animal law is gaining momentum:

Did you hear about Inky Octopus flying the coop?  So brilliant!  (thanks Juli Kaiss for posting this incredible feel good!):

The City of Ottawa joins the 21st century!



Months later .... still needing a home. My name is Rascal. I'm a 9 year old Jack Russell Terrier X.  I was hoping by the time Easter rolled around I'd be in a home to call my own, but sadly that didn't happen.  I'm so energetic and hoping to find a busy family that wants to include me in their lifestyle. A running partner would be awesome, because I can run and run and run and still not be tired. On weekends I get to go stay with my foster Mom. We run on the Beach boardwalk and she says I'm fast like the wind and can keep up with her no matter how much she challenges me. I'm a real people pleaser and I love when I make humans happy. I get along really great with my best dog buddy Patches, but I'm so afraid of other dogs and my insecurity makes me jump and bark. I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of cats either. I LOVE all things toys. I've been spoiled with new toys so much since being here that I can't ever decide which toy I want to play with so I go from toy, to toy. I really like to chew my toys though, so I have to be sure to have sturdy strong toys I can't rip apart. I've mastered the skill of stuffed animal destruction in 2.2 minutes. Once I've had my run and play time, I'm content sitting with a human, cuddling and snuggling. I'm super sweet and when you're happy, I'm happy. I really like human attention. I had some really rotten teeth that the veterinarians at VetsToronto removed from me when I first arrived, so if you promise to brush my teeth everyday, you'll have a great start on my dental health. I'm also neutered and received my most important vaccinations.I have a $100 adoption fee and come with 30 days of free pet insurance.  Do you have room for me in your home? Please email denise@vetstoronto.com for an adoption questionnaire. I realy want a new home, and someone to love.

My name is Tessa and I am looking for my forever home. I'm an 11 year old Siamese cat and in good health. I'm very sweet and love to cuddle, I especially like t
o curl up on your lap. If you are interested in me please email info@willowdaleanimalhospital.com attention "Adoption Committee" for more information.

This is Mo'Noh!  We can't believe this beautiful dog has been waiting for a home for a month! Mo'Noh is about 5 years old and a Border Collie mix. He's got a t on of energy and is happy all the time! Mo'Noh is really good on a leash, so it's very enjoyable to spend time walking him and he's also obedience trained. He also loves toys and chasing a ball - an all around fun dog,  isn't that great with cats, so his new family should be more dog oriented.  Come meet Mo'Noh at Toronto Animal Services -  East shelter 821 Progress Ave. this weekend!


Some 200 wolves are going to be shot over the coming weeks, killing innocents and disrupting established packs. Please sign and share:

Please support Nathaniel Erskine's Bill C-246. If you want to know more about it, pls call me 905.726.2011 for a briefing. I mean that. I'll take a call from every last one of you -- this has GOT to pass fourth reading...And we can't do it without YOU.


Please sign and help try to save Minnie Cow's life:

Lots more signatures needed here to get Air Canada and West Jet NOT to ship "trophies" AKA dead animal parts: 


Want a little "feel good"? Check out this beautiful stork love story:

Ladies, don't buy in...


This is really a wonderful exhibit, showcasing a-ma-zing work of the Eric S. Margolis Family Foundation and Humane Society International. Give yourself a treat -- go see the wonderful work these people are doing... 

YouTube - RescueDiaries

RescueDiaries has had the recent privilege of interviewing and introducing the horses of the Metro Toronto Mounted Police Unit  -- an "institution" celebrating 130 years of service to Toronto c2016.   Staff Sergeant Graham McQueen is pictured below, on one of "Toronto's finest" ... Vimy Ridge.    Vimy is one of many ... Moose, Honest Ed (Eddie), Woulfe, Winston, Trooper, Elvis, Dorothy (the matriarch of the herd), Kingston, Trooper, Guardian, Tecumseh (the trickster), Duke, Justice (largest horse EVER whose rear end hung out the back of the trailer, he was so big) Stuart, Spencer, General, Brigadier (RIP), Viscount (RIP), Sabre (athlete par excellence), Toby, Boot, Bobby, Dragoon, Grenadier, Davis, Timmis, Sutherland, Royal, Blue Jay, Major, Charger, Kingston, Keith, Simcoe, Blue Moon, Harry, Dundas, Elvis, Champ, Juno, Highlander, Max, Class Act, and Jester, to name but a few, who have served our city for 130 years. Currently there are 27 beautiful horses in the herd. 

The stables are impeccable. The training is superlative. The officers are 100% dedicated. The service the horses render as peacekeepers and ambassadors is unparalleled. The security and joy they lend Toronto citizens is indescribable. Personally, I have known and watched these horses for 30 years. I love them unbearably. They truly are an extension of my life.

The rider is an extension of the horse; the horse an extension of the rider. The rider's life is in the horse's hands. It's all about TRUST. There is an unspoken dialogue between horse and rider... You'll see next week in "RescueDiaries", the bond between PC Brian Smith and darling Brock... PC Smith responds to his mount in the middle of the interview, saying "Yes, I know.." and calls him "pal"...

These beautiful beings lend calm. order and strength, to day-to-day city life. 1800 lbs of service, and duty. They work hard for years on end; they are retired in the best of circumstances. They are loved and revered public servants, each one of which fulfills a serious role in the fabric of our lives, and our collective community.   My favourite is Tecumseh, because I have a personal connection to him ... the calmest presence, making his way up Bathurst Street... 
Check out our YouTube "RescueDiaries" next week for stories on these magnificent public servants.

For Tecumseh ...yo, bro, love you with all of my heart ... m.