August 7, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Here's my latest on C-246.  Clicking on the final IFAW link in the article, and making the call to your MP, is how to help animals in the best way possible. 
Please be part of the solution. We're coming up on the vote in September. We need to keep the pressure on, and the conversation alive.


Petitions and lobbying government works folks. Kaavan Elephant is going to Sanctuary!:

Please don't purchase "wild blueberries" from roadside stands or grocery stores. These wild berries are the bears main source of food at this time of the year.  If there are no berries for them...they will wander into civilization for food & thus be killed. If you pick your own wild berries please only pick about 30% & leave the rest. Cultivated berries are fine to purchase. (Thanks Juli Kaiss for posting.)

For the first time in history, animals are officially on the US agenda! 

President Obama guarantees US service dogs retire on American soil:



World Parrot Refuge's doors closed in February when their caregiver Wendy passed away.  Greyhaven Bird Sanctuary needs support in a big way!

140 days in the shelter. Can you open up your heart and home to Max?


Sheena has been in the kennel for over 7 months! Sheena is 5-6 years, shepherd mix.  She is a beautiful girl who loves nothing more than being with people and chewing on bones. She is sensitive and sweet with a pinch of sassiness. Sheena was found as a stray and when she ended up in the shelter, she literally had a nervous breakdown. We rescued her from being euthanized.  Sheena knows all of her obedience and loves learning new tricks for treats! She walks like a gem on leash and loves to meet people. She does bark when she sees other dogs on leash. Sheena loves cuddle time and belly rubs. When she sees someone she knows she runs to them for a hug!  Sheena does not do well with environmental changes and changes to routine so transitioning her slowly into her new environment is important. We are seeking a foster or perm home for Sheena with good knowledge of larger dogs and dogs with fear issues. No apartments, no children, no other animals, suburb preferred.  A home with a routine is very important for her.  If you can open your home to beautiful Sheena, please email  All food/vetting covered by Rescue Dogs Match

My name is Polly. I am a female, brown tabby and white Domestic Shorthair. The shelter staff think I am about 3 years old.  I  have been at the shelter since Feb 17, 2016.   City of Oshawa Animal Services.   POLLY - ID#A051197

URGENT:  Beautiful Sterling needs a home:

Jakey is a black male, neutered feral cat who lives in Niagara Falls, Ontario. A few citizens feeding him have noticed that he is showing the signs of dental problems i.e., drooling, tongue hanging out, aversion to hard food, etc. They would like to take him to the vet to be treated. We are asking if others would be willing to chip in a little bit to help pay for this procedure. We can provide full verification of all veterinary treatments. Jakey is a sweet boy, he deserves this care. Please consider helping Jakey. Thank you very much! Contact Caitlin: 416-518-2781 phone/text


Petitions work! Please sign this one, asking Air Canada and WestJet not to allow transport of bear "trophies" - AKA dear, dead bears:

Two weeks ago, I posted about a win! for Ontario woman who won the right to keep her pig Sheldon, which I thought was great, until Kara Burrow, my buddy from Ralphy's Retreat set me straight:

"... I do have some food for thought regarding the link to the Sheldon story. I am happy that Sheldon didn't lose his home but I do not want the city by-laws changed and I will, along with others, be mounting a campaign to stop the proposal to amend the by-law. People think that amending the law will give us more homes for pigs, but what will happen is that animal control will be full of unwanted pigs again (as they were when pigs were allowed and one of the main reasons the by-law was changed to exclude them).  Most importantly pigs simply don't belong in cities - I have so many city pigs at Ralphy's who were living in hell. Do we really want to make that legal?" Just my 2 cents. (Ed Note: Thank you Kara, you truly are the voice of reason. Readers note, THIS is why I publish the that we can all benefit from each other's knowledge and experience...)

Really insightful piece on how roads are modern hunting fields (thanks Project Animal Farm for sending): 
Did you know there's a 
support line for animal activists
? If you're suffering from burnout or PTSD, here's a resource for you 
(thanks Jennifer Moore for posting):


Gervais has recently produced two fascinating RescueDiaries pieces with Dr. Sue Carstairs, DVM, and her patients at the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre.  The Centre operates exactly like a hospital, with an emergency department, x-ray equipment, operating room, etc. Listen as the wonderfully compassionate Dr. Carstairs takes us through the steps of admitting a patient. Reptilian medicine is still in its infancy, and Dr. Carstairs talks about the importance of measuring the impact of their work on the overall habitat, and also sharing their findings with the animal medicine community at large. Check out the turtles ... so mysterious, yet so BOSS! 

Readers, there's a lot of animals in need this week. Please do what you can to market / circulate / post / or support them.

Thanks everyone, for every single thing that you do, and every soul that you help. 
The animals can't do it alone, and rescuers can't do it in isolation. Together, however, we can and do move mountains.  Stay the course.  m.