August 9, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

I've been struggling, wanting to address "the lion in the room" ... Cecil's death hit us all very, very hard.  I've fought to stay positive and focus on the "good" that's happened since his killing. And there's been a lot of good -- worldwide attention, and everyone's finally woken up to trophy hunts and canned hunting.  I don't want to have to use the word "martyr", although that's what he's become, for his tribe and his species.  I've written and trashed several editorials, signed every petition, and pushed back on hunters in comments on social media at every opportunity, but still cannot come up with any intelligent commentary or resolve, to offer myself or anyone else. 

All I can do is apologize to Cecil for humankind. And pray for him, and all wildlife on this seemingly cursed planet. We must do so much better. 

It has been truly overwhelming.  I know you all feel it too. In his name, dear readers, please don't neglect to sign every single petition (see below). Please don't let one opportunity escape to roar out your anger and grief. For Cecil.


Be on the watch for UNITY - a film we must all see, opening Aug.12th: 

Spanish Town gives dogs and cats human rights (thanks Juli Kaiss for posting):

Australia steps up and bans the importation of "lion trophies":

Idaho court strikes down Ag-Gag, stating the cause needs more voices, not silence!  

European Veterinary Association calls for complete ban of use of circus animals (thanks Colleen Perrin for posting): 


This stunning long-haired German Shepherd is Astrid, who was found as a stray in west Toronto.  When she came into the shelter she was matted, had a serious ear infection and hot spots on her body, she had not been well cared for. But sweet lady Astrid never lost hope or her good nature and each morning greeted shelter staff with a "woo woo" and big wide tail wags.  When no one came to claim this beautiful girl. Staff called German Shepherd rescues in the provincial directory asking if anyone had room for an 8-9 year old gal with chronic ear issues, hot spots and by the way, was in heat!  Speaking of Dogs Rescue was able to take her in as a number of dogs had recently been adopted and we had an open space.  Astrid is a gem - she is good with other dogs, great with people, calm and mannerly, is a dream when riding in the car and despite her size of approx. 85 pounds she does not pull on leash  but rather walks nicely often checking back with her handler.  Please consider this amazing senior Shepherd with the soft, gentle brown eyes.   
See our dogs for adoption at




Dukeshelter is looking for a rescue pull for this boy. Duke is a Doberman/Shepherd mix around 60 lbs, in The Caledon shelter in Bolton. They are looking for a rescue that can work on his manners and leash training. His main issue is he tends to mouth people once the leash is on and doesn't work well on the leash. He is a sweet boy and seems to love everyone.  He has been there for awhile so am hoping someone has room to work with this boy. Duke has alot of potential with the right person.  For more info please contact Stephanie Rose shelter administrator at (905) 857-5208.

Lucy is my name and I'm a female Rottweiler, Hound mix. The staff say I'm a really sweet and well behaved girl but I will need a little refresher on my obedience cues. Have I mentioned that I am clean and affectionate and they tell me I have an adorable face.  I love to run when I get time out in the yard and I will need a regular exercise routine. The shelter has had me spayed and microchipped so please come by to see me soon. Lucy is starting to show signs of stress in the shelter. She is really a good girl and needs to find a home. Caledon shelter contact is Stephanie Rose Shelter Administrator 905-857-5208


Please help ban horse-drawn carriages in Montreal - sign the petition!

Sign the petition to ask Facebook to stop allowing people to post photos of their trophy hunts:

Please sign -- let's get Canada to ban the importation of hunting trophies:

Demand WORLD WILDLIFE FUND to stop supporting the killing of wildlife:

For years, African vendors have been allowed to sell " Big Five Game Hunting Safaris" during the Toronto Sportmens' Show. In 2016, the show will be held at the International Centre, Mississauga, March 16-20. Sign the petition to disallow these vendors at the show:

Tell South African Airways what you think about them shipping animal trophies:

And... UPS, who seemingly can't take the high road:


Read this BRILLIANT check list on how to help animals (thanks Debra Ropollo for posting): 







For all the beautiful wildlife, keep up the fight! Sign those petitions. Make those calls. Post on companies' Facebook pages. Comment on HuffPo articles. Keep pushing back and keep educating. We must stand stronger still. m.