August 16, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Hello readers... one of our advocates kindly reported last week that two links were not working... if anyone else experiences links that don't work in the C4P newsletter, please let me know and I'll switch providers...

Wow. Mid-August. How did that happen? ... 


Now is the time to explore animal intelligence with cooperation (thanks Marilyn Hubley for sending):  INCREDIBLE.

New Illinois law makes it illegal to leave pets outside in extreme weather:

Spanish town abolishes bull fights in favour of books -- can I get an amen?


Lita, born in March, 2010, made the long journey from Greece to Canada in April, 2011.  Lita was found at a monestary in Greece which had a tall man wearing the black clothes of the priesthood.  So now, with the tall male who often wears dark clothing in her current home growing older and becoming hunched over with age, it's causing her to react negatively when he enters the room where his wife is. Lita has become protective of her because she sees this man as a threat and they're concerned that if he trips or falls, it's an accident waiting to happen. Lita would be a great dog for a single female or a non-threatening looking male with no other dogs or young children. She seems okay around the family cat, even sleeping near her. A person with previous dog experience and a fenced property in the country is best. And the icing on the cake would be if it was a sheep farm because she loves to herd. She enjoys going for long walks. Lita's mom is willing to work with her new home to orient them on her ideosyncracies so they get off to a good start. Lita currently lives in eastern Ontario so it would help if her new home did as well; or at least be within a couple of hour's drive. If you feel you have the right environment for Lita to thrive, please email  for more info and an adoption application. Thanks very much!  Dianne Aldan / Tails from Greece Rescue 

This beautiful boy Cody, is a friendly, homeless stray discovered a few months ago in the Niagara Region. He has since been neutered, vaccinated, and defleaed. Cody has tested positive for both Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV). He is urgently in need of a loving foster or permanent home and a kind soul who will champion the life of a special guy like him. If you would like to help Cody please get in touch. Gail:

Peppe is an Old English Bulldog, 3 years of age, neutered, micro-chipped, UTD vaccines.  His situation is urgent: the arrangements his owner made for a new home for him prior to her move out west have fallen through and Peppe is left homeless!  He is a big boy - 34kg/75lb. He has proven to be loving and gentle with all people, including little children. He loves his Kong, bones and other toys, and gives them up without resistance and has displayed no aggression whatsoever with people. Unfortunately,  this trait does not extend to other canines: he is not compatible at all with other dogs, so will need a new home where he is the only pet and an owner with the strength needed to handle him Peppe is well-mannered when left home alone, behaves well in the car, and does well on lead when wearing a halter.  Peppe's situation is indeed a difficult one, but we are hopeful that the right home is "out there" for him and we are indeed confident that, finding the right home, Peppe will prove to be a loving and loyal companion. It is to the point now where we find a suitable home or he will be put down and we have her permission for that as well. It is the last resort of course, and we are getting desperate.  He is in a kennel in London and is wonderful with the staff but can't interact with other boarders. He goes for other dogs even if they try him with a muzzle.    K9resQ Dog Adoption Service London Ont. 519 472 9396


Petition CEO of Air Canada to ban importation of hunt trophies:

Petition to the Canadian Food Agency to enforce animal protection during transport (of course, a better idea, is just don't eat meat ... no demand, no supply...): 


Calvin Neufeld talk at Animal Rights National Conference in Washington, DC: 
My name is Trisha, and I work for . I'm reaching out to share a pretty comprehensive resource we created to help people understand the essentials of pet safety. You can see the full resource here, which includes chapters on common household hazards, food safety, pet-proofing, and natural disaster safety. We believe this guide will be a valuable resource for your readers, so they can take the necessary precautions to ensure the pets they love are out of harm's way.


Victory for Animals Society presents our first annual Forever Home Dinner & Dance:   Catered meal, deserts, complimentary wine, drinks, live music by Backspin, dancing, g iveaways & great door prizes   Worth $500... $200.. $100 -- Lots of fun!  Camp Carcovan 133 Carter Road Carrying Place On Take exit 509. Brighton ON Call Shelley 647-542-6664



Wonderful week visiting Ralphy's Retreat in St. Williams (if you haven't been there yet, book a tour and GO!), and my Katrina dog, Francis, in Cambridge.  So heartening to spend time with happy, healthy animals! 

Slow and steady wins the race.  Keep the faith everyone. We really are making progress. Thanks for all YOU do, m.