August 21, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

I'm going to try to take another stab at editorial next week for the HuffPo, for Bill C-246.  Ergo, no newsletter next week...If I can't get the editorial done, I won't hold it against myself, but will be nice to have a small break before Fall season starts in earnest...


Bill C-246:  So Many Lies, So Little Time, by Mary Guiffre: 

Toronto Wildlife Centre needs donations for care of coyote who's been shot, but is still on the run! 


Suffering Eyes Project in Kingston area made a presentation at Town Council this week for a Prison Farm Sanctuary in Kingston -- this is a brilliant initiative, I truly hope readers (esp local Kingston) will get involved and support. Contact:


OK, so were you horrified about the news of the poor black bear who was speared to death while the sicko responsible danced around with glee while the bear suffered an agonizing, prolonged death?  SIGN HERE:

and SHARE. Want to take it a step further?  Here's where Josh Bowman works:  Let him know what you think.

Then sign another:

Legislation introduced in Ontario, CA, that would allow uncontrolled slaughter of cormorants across Ontario.  You can help by visiting  t he Zoo Check website and sending an email to  your MP (if you live in Canada) or writing to Premier Kathleen Wynne at and Kathryn McGarry, Minister of Natural Resources and Forests at   TAKE ACTION TODAY TO STOP BILL 205!


I know lots of our readers are still "meat-eaters" ... and by that, I mean no disrespect. This is not intended to be a guilt-inducing post. But a stand needs to be taken on meat. So start somewhere. Please. Meatless Mondays. Right there, you can make an incredible difference. All vegans, all vegetarians started somewhere. You can too. You KNOW the planet is already out of water. Do it for your kids, and their kids. Just do it. Reduce your consumption of animals in any way possible.



P eace Fur Paws 2nd Annual 5K Walk for the Animals Venue: Pet Valu Thornhill 7355 Bayview Avenue Thornhill, ON, L3T 5Z2  September 18th 10:00am to 12:00pm   Come out and support our 2nd Annual 5k Walk with your friends, family, and your furry friends! Together with Animals Asia and Rescue Angels, Peace Fur Paws is holding this great fundraising event to help animals in need. All the funds will be forwarded to cat rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing, improving the welfare of cats and dogs in Asia and helping to end bear bile farming.  Simply register online and you'll be emailed your personalized fundraising webpage so that you can start fundraising and collecting donations online! We have great prizes for top pledge collectors including a St. Anne's day spa gift certificate, David's Tea Gift Bag, Gift Cards and more!  Registration fee is $25.00 and Paypal and all major credit cards will be accepted. All pets walk for free and treat bags will be handed out to all our furry friends! Register by August 15th and you will also receive a free event T-shirt as an Early Bird Special. 
Registration Website:


This week, Anita Krajnc is in front of the courts, charged with mischief, for doing the right thing and giving a dehydrated pig water, in his/her last few minutes of life.

What would you do?

Ontario Court of Justice, Burlington, August 24th, 10:00 AM. 

I'll be there to support her, and do the right thing.  NOT doing something is complicit denial.  If you can't be there, I implore you to share the enclosed video. Raise awareness. If you're not part of the solution... you know... you ARE part of the problem. So please stand for Anita, stand for animals, stand for something.

Coming soon to RescueDiaries:  A new visit with Dr. Faith Banks regarding palliative pet care; a visit with Toronto Animal Services (love them!) regarding "care and conditions" in our new By-laws, and an update on Gus Pig at Ralphy's Retreat and Farm Sanctuary - Gus has lost 1/2 his body weight and is thriving!  -- Please subscribe! 

For that dear Canadian bear, taken out by an American asshole, which the Alberta government ALLOWED.  Sorry folks, but not sorry. We've got to do SO MUCH MORE THAN COMPLAIN. Pls sign petitions above, please write the SOB and tell him what you think. For heavens' sakes I'm begging you DO SOMETHING, ANYTHIN to ensure that dear bear has not died in vain. m.