August 23, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

It's been a harsh week, full of animal losses in our community: Jericho, Periwinkle, Noah & Sheeba. I want to remind everyone about - it's a wonderful way to memorialize your pet, and keep their story alive.  It's a truly helpful "mechanism" to help you deal with grief.  Check it out, it will help.


Veganism is taking the world by storm (Thank you Mercy for Animals for posting) (Ed note: everyone note the use of the term "flexitarians"):

Meat-eaters are the number one cause of worldwide species extinction -- yep!

Zimbabwe Judge charges game park owner over Cecil death:

UPS is starting to come aboard - they're banning shipments of Shark Fin (hopefully trophies are next! (Thanks Lawrence Pinsky for posting):


Zoos and education: they go together about as well as "humane slaughter."


URGENT  - MOTHER CAT & KITTENS  For a number of years, I have been leaving food for a cat that I rarely see. She is located at the corner of Brimley Road & 14
th  Ave., which is about 2 minutes from  407 and Kennedy.  I have only ever been able to go 2-3 times a week and aside from tracks in the snow,  I wasn't even sure that there were still cats there. However, a few weeks ago I spotted  a couple of kittens (approx. 3 months old) and a pregnant female.  I am no longer able to feed at this location and these cats not only need a feeder but they  need to be TNR'd  and in the case of the kittens, rescued.  If you can help with this, please call me ASAP at 416-910-3506.  Thank you. Carol Brohm (Ed note: Carol, thank you for championing this little family - any cat people out there who can help?)

Hello my name is  "Queeny",  I am 4 years old.  I was brought to the shelter June 9 , and I'm still waiting for someone to rescue me. I was originally signed over for bitingly previous owners who had me less than a year. I was bought off Kijiji and put into a house where English was not the first language and I don't know what they expected from me. they did tell shelter staff that thunderstorms scare me and instead of helping me through this, they would just put me in the garage.  I am told by the shelter staff that I am a great little girl who has come a long way  and has shown no aggressive behaviour since being here.  I have lost my trust in men and can show fearful behaviour (retreating) and very nervous to approach them. I will require someone with a gentle hand and lots of patience to help me through these hurdles.   Can you help me ???? Contact:  City of Hamilton, Animal Services  905-546-2424 


Ask Atlas Air to stop shipping horses to slaughter (thanks Colleen Perrin for posting):

Ask Air Canada and West Jet to GO THE DISTANCE and ban the transport of CANADIAN animal trophies like bears, etc. (Really what's wrong with these people?) (Thanks Lawrence Pinsky for posting):

Tell Spain it's criminal to charge and fine compassionate anti-bullfight activist:


Wow - new research into horses' emotional states -- makes TOTAL sense: 

5 Things NOT to do when you bring your new rescue dog home (thanks Denise Joyce for posting): 




RIP Little Jericho. We will all miss you, but especially your mom.  Stay close to her and keep doing all your funny smiley tricks in her mind so that she remembers you with joy, and it helps lessen her pain. Good dog!


RIP Periwinkle:  Frog Hollow Farm Sanctuary lost their beautiful rabbit Periwinkle this week. So sad. Wish I'd had a chance to meet you little one. Go play on the bridge with your friend Noah. He'll watch out for you. 


RIP Noah. So glad we had a chance to get to know you, Noah. And so happy you spent your last days in the earthly paradise that is Ralphy's Retreat. We'll go and save more in your name boy.


And finally, our advocacy friend Monique Landry lost her beautiful little one, Sheeba yesterday.  RIP darling little girl. Merci, Monique, for your very solid work.



"Results from a survey of Canadian food consumption for 2013 reflect a nearly 10 percent drop in meat consumption since 2001. While a general decrease was noted across the meat categories, the greatest decline was seen in pork consumption, with a decrease of 4.5 percent."

To order a vegetarian starter guide, click here:

For these Canadians, with admiration and love, m.