August 30, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Folks, it's been 10 years, make that 10 life-altering years, since Hurricane Katrina, and the inception of this newsletter.  

In September 2005, my gorgeous dog Cyril died, and right behind him, my rescued shepherd Missie.  I was dogless for the first time in years, and absolutely distraught over their loss.  Also, distraught over what I was seeing on my TV day in day out, and the animals stranded by Katrina. So I made an ADHD split second decision :) to go down and work with NOLA, and bring home who I could.  The email that I sent out asking for help went to about 50 friends and peeps I knew in rescue at the time. Bonnie Deacon from Cambridge & District Humane was one of the many who stepped up, allowing us to travel under her rescue status. 

The Best compound was located at the St. Francis Animal Rescue in Tylertown Mississippi, just north of the Louisiana border.  800 dogs and cats in were housed there in temporary shelter, impeccably run by Best Friends, and Heidi (RIP) and Pam Perez from St. Francis. Throughout that season, we met hundreds of rescuers and advocates -- all who joined in the email updates on our journeys there and back.  This is Dr. Charlie Grumbusky and Pam Perez from St. Francis:

One night, some coyotes came down from the surrounding hills and started baying. I never heard anything like it, when all the shelter dogs joined in ...

Today, that list of 50 people is well over 3,000 -- 4,000 if you include our Facebook folk. The email updates turned into the newsletter that you receive today. Each week, each and every one of you, facilitates for animals in need via this newsletter. 

Speaking of which, our C4P Facebook page enjoyed it's 1,000th like this week! Thank you all for your support - If you want to enjoy more advocacy content, you can click here to "like" it:

People ask me all the time, how do you do it?  How do you deal with the trauma? Well, it's simple really:   you deal with it by doing something about it . That's how you convert post traumatic stress to post traumatic growth. Self-care and reinvention are the bridge  out of compassion fatigue.  Or any other grief for that matter.  All I was trying to do at the time, was honour my dogs by turning my grief into positive action, to help other animals, in Cyril and Missie's names.  Little did we know how that trip would actually play out -- and how it continues to play out, week over week, through this amazing network/collective community.   

As mother would say, "coolio".  She was always steadfast in her delivery of "well, you're not going to walk way, are you?" 


Pope Francis believes compassion for animals can help the environment! YES!

Beverly Hills bans the retail sale of dogs and cats -- a very positive step!

New Zealand makes animal testing criminal:

Felicitations La Belle Province!  Quebec bans shock and prong collars - now we're talkin'!!!



Peppe is an Old English Bulldog, 3 years of age, 75 lbs, neutered, micro-chipped, and  vaccines are up to date.  He has proven to be loving and gentle with all people, including little children. He loves his Kong, bones and other toys, but gives them up without resistance and has displayed no aggression whatsoever with people.   Unfortunately,  this trait does not extend to other canines: 
he is not compatible at all with other dogs , so will need a new home where he is the only pet and an owner with the strength needed to handle him.   On the other hand, he is well-mannered when left home alone, behaves & rides great in a vehicle, and does well on lead when wearing a halter.   Peppe's situation is  URGENT, but we are hopeful that the right home is out there for him .We are indeed confident that, finding the right home, Peppe will continue to be a loving and loyal companion.  CAN SOMEONE PLEASE OPEN THEIR HEART AND HOME AND SAVE THIS LOVING BOY !!  Contact: K9resQ dog adoption service in London Ont.  519 472 9396    for more pictures     

Hi - I'm Carrie the Calico Cat. Say that 10 times fast...
They say calico kitties like myself have big personalities, and I am no exception. Despite experiencing the loss of my Papa who recently died, I love attention and am very affectionate. I am 11 years old and used to living with other cats so I am used to company and don't mind sharing the spotlight. I'd also be just fine as the only cat at home. Everyone tells me how beautiful and gentle I am, but it's the best way to get spoiled with ear tickles and treats - I'm a smart gal. I am also very healthy and checked in great with the vet recently. I am looking for a loving furever home. There is no adoption fee except your commitment to love me and keep me safe. If you don't mind, I've got a bag packed and will bring my favourite toys, bed, food bowl, scratcher and a carrier. My temporary home can't keep me much longer so this is getting desperate. Please contact Kelly Halstead if you can open your heart and save me.
416-824-5413 cell,

HELP URGENTLY REQUIRED:  Cat Colony needs to be relocated ASAP as the lands on which they reside have been sold. The lady currently caring for them has been doing so with her husband for over 8 years. They live in Mississauga on a large expanse of land where the businesses are a mix of boat/car/truck storage lots, a car dealership and body shop. The lands have been sold to Metrolinks L for expansion of the adjacent Cooksville GO station and the businesses and everything on the lands must be evacuated by September 30th, 2015. This includes all the winterized cat shelters in place for them. There are 10 cats in total and they range from friendly to semi-feral. All have all been spayed/neutered and all are in good health, and they are all gorgeous!!! They are fed every day by the lady caring for them and have been medicated when sick. They have winterized shelters, and tolerate her presence very well. They come running when she calls, and most allow her to pet them. The black boy - Jag - will allow her to pick him up and brush him. These lands are all they know, and they do not roam away from them. They desperately need a barn situation to relocate to. They would require being confined to a stall or a room within a barn for up to 2 weeks to acclimatize to their new surroundings, and to know they have a food source. They can go in small groups or pairs. If you can help, please get in touch asap with   Luisa.


Here's a GREAT way to advocate for animals ... buy up a good supply of these Canada Post/CFHS stamps and help spread the message for domestic pet "responsibilities" (Thanks Gervais Vignola xo for sending!):


How one LA area activist is working to end dog-fighting -- in conjunction with the HuffPo initiative. (Ed note: seems to me this could be done here too, with our local Crimestoppers/Tattle Tails...)

Squirrel nutrition - who knew? (Thanks Colleen Perrin for sharing): 

Are you up to speed on octopus knowledge? wow. impressive!:


Protest against Ottawa's "baconpalooza" (thanks Carrie McInnis for sharing): 

A joyful read (and update) on Brutus and Casey--13 years, and going strong!

For my goon and my miss, with great love. m.