December 4, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

We are incredibly honoured that Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre (OTCC)  is showcasing our RescueDiaries "Dr. Turtle" video for their "Giving Tuesday Fundraiser"! OTCC currently has over 1000 turtles at the centre ... Please give generously - their fundraising drive goes to December 12th! Thank you OTCC for the wonderful work you are doing for Ontario's turtles!
C4P Animal Rescue needs your support! This newsletter has been published weekly since 2005... Until now, we've had the backing of my media business, but sadly, the media markets have suffered tremendous attrition, and it's become difficult to cover even the barest of costs! The newsletter alone costs $100US per month to publish (not to mention some 10-20 hours/wk in time to produce). I have to admit we are struggling! To this end, holiday donations would be incredibly helpful; as would gas gift cards to help us continue to produce RescueDiaries! 

Please support C4P in any way that you can: scroll to bottom of (this) page to donate via Paypal: -- no amount is too small. E -transfers can be sent to;  donations/gift cards can be sent to M.M.Nadon, 63 Victoria Street, Aurora, ON L4G 1R3.   It's a privilege and a pleasure to continue to do this work, but frankly, I'm at the end of my financial tether. As hundreds of you know, and have experienced, I am always happy to support you and your animals. Please consider supporting C4P this holiday season! I could really use some help!

Readers note next Sunday, Dec. 11th will be the last newsletter of the year... need time to get at my goals and my 2017 plan... 


Wildlife Federation launches app so public can track polluters and poachers! 
Now that's innovation!

Oprah urges her followers to join her for "Meatless Mondays" YES!

Beavers given protected status in Scotland! YES-YES!

School Kids building homes for bats! How cool is that?

Now we're talkin'! Virginia Judge throws out case re: activist giving water to pigs, based on Anita Krajnc trial! YES-YES-YES! 

Hey, isn't it nice to see 5 breaking news headlines that are actually positive???


Here's another "seasonal syndrome" that we want to avoid. Please add this image to your email correspondence and/or post on social media. More specifically, send this to folks you KNOW are planning a Christmas puppy surprise. On the front end (puppy purchase/ acquisition), please help others understand that animals are NOT commodities. They are living, sentient beings, not objects to thrill for a moment, only to be discarded later as inconvenient... Feel free to copy my comments on the subject/blame it on me. :) Seriously. I don't mind at all being the "bad guy".  PUSH BACK. These darling little animals need your support; your kindly/informed intervention. Take a stand with me, won't you? On the back-end, (post-purchase) please stay on top of any situation where a new puppy is brought home for holidays, and if there's any sign of trouble, RESOURCE the family. Give them direction, resources, help, or support. If you can't do it, refer them to me. In many instances, once families are resourced, they actually learn to adapt and the pup can stay in the home, as opposed to being "moved on" for want of support. Think about this. Refer them to C4P.
I'll back every.single.pup. 


Urgent home needed for Miss Piggy!   Miss Piggy's family are moving to the city and cannot take her with them. All she wants for Christmas is a place to call ho me. Can you help?  Miss Piggy is about 4 years old and is a friendly girl. She currently lives in a barn so would be happy to move to a similar type of situation.  Please get in touch for an adoption application if you can help. Darling little Miss Piggy is at risk; she must be moved before Christmas.   Please share far and wide.  Located Selkirk, Ontario. Contact:

Ginger and Patches need a home!  These two affectionate boys were brought in off the street by a neighbour, with whom they lived for several years. When she had to move to a retirement home this past summer, the cats lost everything dear to them.  Ginger and Patches get along well, and we hope to find them a home together, but they could be adopted separately, if necessary.  Both cats are neutered and UTD with vaccines. They love to be brushed and have excellent litter box habits.  Ginger is a sweet senior cat who thrives on companionship. He is a gentle boy who loves nothing more than to cuddle up beside you!  Patches may be middle-aged, but this youthful boy loves to watch the birds and squirrels from his window perch. At the end of a long day of window watching, he will offer up the tiniest of whispered meows and cuddle up with you!  Both cats would do best in a quiet home.  If you are interested in adopting these lovely boys, please contact 416.577.4488.

Ginger looks sad. 

Patches looks resigned. 

Maggie needs a forever home! Maggie is a beautiful, friendly and loving cat (approx.  5 yrs) that was brought to LeGallais Veterinary Hospital two months ago. Her elderly owner passed away, and Maggie was left without a home. Unfortunately, Maggie has a chronic eye condition that requires daily medication. The condition is caused by a herpes virus, and for that reason, she cannot be with other cats due to the fear that she could pass this condition onThis is not contagious to people, and Maggie is otherwise a very healthy cat. Please help us find Maggie a loving, forever home. Contact: 905.713.2366 (Ed Note: I've recently begun training at LeGallais in Aurora...super caring bunch o'peeps. Maggie is a gorgeous little soul that I found out about this week -- would greatly appreciate everyone posting her story and pic on social, in order to help her re-home...)

Maggie's lifting an eyebrow, wondering WTHeck is going on? 


Sign here to ban the importation, sale and production of all fur products in the European Union:


There was no credit given to originator of this, but I thought it incredibly cool!

Are you feeding your dog sardines or other small fish? If so, read this:
The role of strategy in animal advocacy - thanks World Animal Net!
Cold weather tips for dogs:

More perspective... As activists/advocates, we know that no-one wants to be bitch-slapped re: their personal choices. However, much we hate the "animal fur seasonal syndrome", we need to understand that a lot of people just don't know/aren't fully aware! So however you do it, find a way to gently approach the conversation. OR, simply share this image (as much as possible) on social media. An informed electorate is a wise electorate...



I know there's community events going on out there this season; please be sure to send along jpg images and/or text that includes who, what, where, when, why (max 1 approx. paragraph) + full contact info. I'm happy to publish in newsletter...remember, next week is the last newsletter until new year...


Despite a rough start in life, we're happy to see Oliver is all grown up and positively thriving at Ralphy's Retreat! He lives in a group of pigs who have, literally, come from all walks of life: some found running on the street, others living in isolation, or saved from high kill shelters. Kara Burrow's wonderful sanctuary provides enrichment and care, attention to individual personalities, and supervision of group dynamics - all of which lead to a healthy environment for all the dear little pigs!

The holiday season is once again here; I have to admit to being super happy to see the backside of 2016 (don't let the door hurt you on your way out). It's been such a rough, demoralizing year for everyone ... Am hoping 2017 brings out the determination in all of us to stand for what's right; also hoping 2017 breeds new leadership in all aspects of life... from the environment, to politics, to being a humane human...We must take action in every way that we can for decency, democracy and doing right by others. This is no time to fold our cards! We MUST stand together, for animals, and our precious, fragile planet.  Stay the course. Leadership IS the order of the day for 2017. Please choose to be a fearless leader.

Now, let's get Maggie, Ginger, Patches, and Miss Piggy home for the holidays. Please blast their info out on social media and network them!   This newsletter is known for homing the unhomable... Let's do them proud!  Thanks all, most sincerely.  m.