December 6, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Wow. We really are coming along with animal issues. We're closing out this year seeing some of the greatest gains yet in animal advocacy.  It seems we've hit a bit of a tipping point.  Thanks to every single one of you for each and every action you've taken on behalf of the voiceless this year. We are making such progress!

BTW, anyone seriously interested in starting an Ontario sanctuary in the next year or two, please contact me if you're interested in a) participating in video shoots of the planning and build; b) in need of a business consult for sustainable growth for same. 


Animals Australia sent a news release this week stating it had reached 1 million on their Facebook page.  
That's a lot of reach! Well done! and...

...more good news: Colombia's senate has UNANIMOUSLY passed a law that reclassifies animals as sentient beings!
...and ...

Quebec passes Bill that improves animal care but leaves out wildlife, marine life and farmed animals. It's a start.

Just in the time for the END of 2015 (for heavens sakes) the Government of Canada announces it finally accepts e-petitions.  This is big news for Canadian animal advocates.  (Thank you Ken Wood for posting!)
FBI to start tracking animal cruelty in 2016:

A major step in the right direction - retiring all government owned research animals:

OSHAWA CITY COUNCILLORS VOTED UNANIMOUSLY TO ENACT *ALL* THE RECOMMENDED PROVISIONS IN CORP-15-168, THE PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO THE RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERS BYLAW 14-2010 AND ANIMAL WELFARE STANDARDS.  Amongst the provisions, Oshawa now is the second municipality in Ontario, and perhaps Canada, to enact a time limit to tethering dogs.IT IS NOW LAW (Ed note: and it applies to indoor dogs as well!)  A huge thank you to everyone who made this a success from organizations, agencies, delegates who spoke at committee meetings, people who showed up at these same meetings in support and the many people who wrote letters to the City. Together we made it abundantly clear people in the community expect local municipalities to do more and become more actively involved in crafting more specific and effective bylaws that reflect evolving ethics in the community. Also a huge thank you to Chair, Amy England and the Members on the Oshawa Corporate Services Committee who took a great interest in these provisions and whom provided the foresight and conviction to support and recommend these amendments. We must also thank all the various people and councillors in the City of Mississauga who were involved in crafting the first tether time limit bylaw - they provided the inspiration for us to make this happen here in Oshawa In particular, a thank you to Councillor Pat Saito; Mississauga Animal Services Manager, Jay Smith and the city's Animal Services Education Officer, Linda Dent who all provided further information on the tether and other bylaw amendments such as severe weather and safe transportation provisions that Mississauga passed in 2014 ... and, Julie Miles whom was originally featured in a local news article relating to a neighbourhood dog that was constantly being tethered. Her revelation provided us with the additional motivation to approach Oshawa in January - sooner than we were originally planning.  Remember, it's is not 'what can we do'?, but, 'what we can do'!  (Ed note: sincere thanks to the team who made this happen!)



This beautiful, sad boy is at the Georgina shelter, waiting for his people to find him. Please share:

GANDALF --   A sweet, tame (despite being ear-tipped) cat in Toronto desperately needs to come in for the winter! He was skin and bones when he turned up on a kind couple's  porch.  They put up Found posters but no one claimed him.  They've given him good food and a heated shelter and he's in way better condition now.   Gandalf is 5-8 yrs old, a lap cuddler and super affectionate and friendly.  They'll cover his food/vet costs for a home they approve of, but they can't take him in themselves: they're caring for several other rescues indoors, two of whom are seniors in fragile health who can't handle new cats in the home.    If you can provide a temporary or permanent indoor home for this boy, call Gauri at 416 576 5161 or email

Poor Bella i s wondering why she is still up for adoption, she keeps seeing all her friends going to their new homes. Bella needs to be in a home with no felines as she thinks they are things to chase! 8 years young and loves to walk and play  Orillia SPCA.

Hi my name is "Layla".  I am a very happy , bouncy and exuberant kind of girl.  I am eager to meet both men and woman and I will jump up and give kisses.  I am lacking manners but the staff are working with me.  I can be very selective and reactive with other dogs.  Someone who is experienced in reading dog behaviours would definitely benefit me.  Since I came in as a stray the staff are asking for me not to be placed with younger children or smaller animals.  I am a very sweet girl who will need some boundaries, rules and routine exercise.  Can you help me?
Please contact Kim at


IFAW is building dog houses for northern dogs and they need YOUR help:

Please share this widely during holiday season and remind people NOT to buy pets as gifts..


Anita Krajnc's article on her current court case:

How to break up a dog fight -- well worth the read. (thanks The Dodo for publishing):

Christmas service for the entire family!   1PM December 20th   455 Church St. Fieldfare, Beaconsfield H9W 3S6  Contact:  514-697-2204  Christ Church and the caacQ would like to invite you to a festive Christmas service.  We invite families to send Christmas pictures of your clan by sending photographs of your pet being naughty or nice a montage will be viewed by churchgoers. Dogs must be on a leash. 


Peppe (and his marvellous rescuers) found an owner who was prepared to work with him, and adopted him! YAY! Happy ever after Peppe! Thank you rescuers, most sincerely, for going to the wall on his behalf and ultimately saving his life.

T he little cat we rescued and took to TAS and who nearly got returned to our alley 24 hours later got a new lease on life...the vet who was going to fix the cat said no way...give it a few more days as the cat didn't seem feral to him. Well, we hadn't heard anything more, so Steve called today for an update. Turns the cat is a she...she's calmed right down and is up for adoption, and she has a heart glad they gave her another very happy for the little one. Just thought you'd like to know... Hugs Nic   (Ed note: another little cat abandoned on the street, gets a new life thanks to the awesome citizenship of Nic Pulling and her partner Steve. Well done.)

We'll close out with some super-sweet footage of animals playing together - you will love this! (Thanks Pat Ramsey for sending):

Back with you in January! Have a great holiday season. Anything important/ animal emergencies, don't hesitate to get ahold of me in between.  Best, and thanks again for everything you have all done this year to support animals. You all rock. mitch